December 14, 2005

The Tale of the Naked Lady & Ketuk Ketampi..

I wasn't really enthusiastically following the news, talks, gossips and rumours about the case, as I've been already watching the clip, and there was nothing special about it, the naked chinese lady was asked to do a Ketuk Ketampi thing, which for some people it is beyond the border, but for me, it is one of the proven way to find out if the suspects keep something in their private part, without having to have any contact with the suspect.

It was terribly humiliating for the suspect, but I do believe it was somekind of unwritten procedure, who has been taken as a general code everywhere, when it comes to the case of drug trafficking or smuggling.

It saves the hands of the officers from doing the dirty job. I don't know whether it's true or not, that in some other countries, the police or custom officer would have to wear a glove and dig the suspect's anus or vagina, which is really disgusting and very unhuman. Imagine someone with a big hand do it to someone petite.

I guess, that petite someone wouldn't be able to walk for at least a week. I myself had experienced the 'Berak Berdarah', caused by the lacking of water content inside the poopies so then it's hardened and it really suffers me for the next 5 days. Itchy somemore!

Back to the issue.

And now it has really become a major issue as there's a public inquiries about the case, and what has really intrigued me was as this morning, I read in the newspapers that the so called 'victim' of the normal unwritten procedure wasn't actually a chinese, no matter a China chinese or local chinese, but she was not a chinese at all.


Well, when we talk about naked malay lady.. well u know, it will always become a big issue. I know nowadays it's not really hard to see a malay naked ladies on the net, even the last two days a friend of mine has showed me a malay couple having sex at the staircase somewhere, on his handphone, but still, it is a MALAY NAKED LADY.

Malay naked lady is one issue, but imagine the Ketuk Ketampi thingy.

Coming to it, it's no longer a national issue, but it has became more towards a national joke. I'm sure after this, KETUK KETAMPI will become a national example, as now the whole nation has know the ability of KETUK KETAMPI itself.

Consider this, if I am teacher, I will ask the girl students to do KETUK KETAMPI naked. My Reason :: See if she hide the cigarette inside her pussy.

Is it possible?

Well maybe then the parliament has to have a special discussion about the 'KETUK KETAMPI ACT 2005'.


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