January 28, 2006

Tagged by Sarclover (she loves to tag me huh?)

4 jobs I had in my life:

1. Job at the car wash.
Just finished my SPM. I've just had my driving license and one day, i sent my father's car off to wash and i asked the manager whether is can get a job there. RM12 a day. So the next day, which happened to be the 1st day of puasa, i started my job there. My father only allowed me to work for a month as i'm not anymore allowed to go to work as my SPM result was not as good as he expected it to be.

2. Malicious Email Tracker and Maliscious Website blocker,
When i was in the university, despite of my naughtiness on the NET, the IT head of the university offered me to do the job. It was fun, it turns up to be some war between me and some people.

3. IT jobs.
Been to a few IT jobs. It's tiring and sickening. 1st with Amstek, then The Rockets Ave., then Telekom Research and lastly EDS International.

4. Biz?
I started with joining people for the metal scrap biz. Then i slowly ventured into what i'm doing now. hehe.. just stay at home and do some work a few days in a week.

4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:

1. About a boy
2. Memoirs of Geisha?
3. Braveheart
4. Anything with Hugh Grant or Mel Gibson in it.

4 TV Shows I Love (d) To Watch:

1. Everybody loves raymond
2. Pasion de Gavilanes
3. Pimp my ride
4. Whose line is it anyway

4 Places I’ve Lived in (in order):

1. Johor Bahru
2. Kuala Pilah
3. Kulim
4. Shah Alam and all over malaysialah!

4 Places I’ve Been On Vacation To:

1. Arab Saudi hehe
2. Tanjung Pinang
3. Singapore
4. Canoeing to Pangkor hahaha. Kantoi!

4 Places I Would Rather Be In:

1. Seremban, get myself busy looking at my brothers and sisters doing work at home.
2. Kampung, if i can ever get to swim in the cold river and relax under the bamboo trees. I miss my cousins.
3. KL, go lepak with a lot of good friends there. Just sit and do nothing!
4. Pangkor Laut, just stand in the clear water and looking into the crystal clear water. It's so amazing!

4 Of My Favourite Foods:

1. My mom's fucuk and suhun soup.
2. my mom's mee goreng
3. my mom's masak lemak cili api.
4. Sushi

(how good i am as a cook, i still love the loves my mom pour into her cookings)

4 websites I visit daily:

1. google.com, search for my name and click my name form there. I dun have to type the full address. easy huh?
2. All the blogs i've put a link in my blog
3. all the newspaper websites.
4. discovery

The 4 victims to do this TAG:

malas nak fikir.. who wanted to be tag, then u tag urself lah, just like abby, who always wanted to get tagged! hehehehehe..

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