January 27, 2006

Ops Sikap

Last night, when i was driving back from Taman U to home, i was driving slowly at around 80-90 km/h when the cars were all slowing down as there was a road block ahead. Waiting for my turn to pass, it was clearly seen that a lot of cars were not queueing properly and i wonder how come these people were so dare to do such things.

I was shocked as the traffic office stopped my car and ask me to wait. There's an officer greeted me, asking for my ID and Driving License. Handed 'em over to him, he walks around while mumbling on something. I told him that i was driving at around 90km/h and was wondering was I exceeded the speed limit. He said that the speed limit was 80km/h and i've exceeded the speed limit.

Worse, this is the OPS SIKAP operation and who ever stopped and being summoned will have to pay the full amount of RM300 on the spot.

I was really in a bad shape. I was having a bad fever and flu and told the oficer that i was sorry for driving a lil bit faster but i need to go to the clinic as i am on fever. My voice really shows!

I was asked about my job. I told him that i was just about to start my own business with some friends. He seems to wander around the car and suddenly he returned my ID and the driving license and said,

"I'll let you go this time Mr. Izham. If I am to catch you some other time, i won't let you go."

Well, i'm so lucky right. Anyhow, i feel like crying. I was about to get out of the car and hug the police officer. He was so considerate. It's really hard to find someone like him, especially in the authority department.

Thanks a lot to him as I can safely drive home.

To all the drivers out there, avoid from being stopped by the police during the OPS SIKAP as you will have to pay the maximum fine of RM300 of any offense ON THE SPOT. I don't carry that much cash everywhere i go.


I went for the movie preview of BULI BALIK by afdlin. It was ok, I would give the movie the rating of 3 stars out of 5. Well, it's not easy for me to say this, I was so sad of the end of the movie. It's not really about the movie, but i can feel my warm tears running down my chubby cheek. Luckily, no one was ever looking at me wiping my tears as i was sitting at the most behind seat of the cinema hall.

It's about friendship. The friendship value that was shown in the movie had really touched me deeply in the bottom of my fragile heart.

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