January 15, 2006

Tagged by zetty.

Person I want my Santa to be:
Anantha Krishnan

The 5 gifts that I wish to get:
1. An IKEA store in front of my house where i can get things for free.
2. A free cinema at the right side of my house
3. A lake where i can spend my free time by sitting by the lakeside at the left side of my house.
4. A moderate sized garage complete with all-that-u-need tools to become a tuner that can fit in my modded Civic, Toyota AE86, my jazz, my satria GTi and my BMW with the skyline engine, which is just behind my house.
5. A complete studio for jamming sessions and recording, which located at the underground level of my house..

Wah.. my life so complete la like that.. And on top of everything, the Top 5 Weird Things About Me:

1. I'll easily get sleepy. Anywhere any time any occasion. Especially in a class or while driving.
2. Sometimes i do sniff stinks that came out of my body parts, for example, my feet, my armpit, scratch my head and smell my finger and so on. Kinda addicted to it.
3. I cannot stop myself from teasing people.
4. I'd prefer to take people for a lunch/dinner treat rather than giving them presents.
5. I'd prefer to memorize the melody of the song, the instruments sounds, rather than memorizing the lyrics.

And now I am tagging the following people:
1. Mazuien
2. Chikanoz
3. Nashrex
4. Zamil
5. Langsuir

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