January 8, 2006

An act of annoyance...

Because of the word 'KEWL'?

theguy: pagi-pagi buta baru nak online ehhh
tunazif: hi
tunazif: sape ni ?
theguy: ****** di sini
tunazif: ok
tunazif: kenal ke?
theguy: tak kot
tunazif: ok
tunazif: so how's life?
theguy: cuma kenal ko melalui blogs

One fine night, someone msged me at the Yahoo Messenger.. I don't even know him and he doesn't know me as well, claiming that he was once a student of my secondary school. He was just 3 years younger but i don't think i know him, maybe he was admitted when he was in form 4, and he claimed to know me from this blog. LOL.

Without reciting 'SALAM' or even a 'HI', he sarcastically questioned my availability only at night time, and honestly, it was because i've been busy the whole day, but i do think that it's my problem.

tunazif: kewl
theguy: efine
theguy: kewl?
theguy: apa tu
tunazif: sounds like cool kan
theguy: ooo...penyalahgunaa bahasa betul la ko ni
theguy: hehe

Maybe in his attempt to be annoying, he questioned my usage of the word 'kewl', which i used as to substitute the word 'cool'. I think it doesn't really matter, if u do not understand, you can always ask. But i was accused for being a 'Language Pest'. I think most of my friends were using the word 'kewl' too. It is among the earliest internet words, being used either in the IRC or BBS.

He questioned whether it's in the dictionary. Of course it is not, i lied to him that there are words being used that were not listed in the dictionary, but he says that it's an exclusion. When i asked about why it's an axclusion, he gets back to the word 'kewl'.

He wonder why shouldn't i just use the word 'cool' instead of 'kewl'. He says that his pretty teacher maybe forgotten to teach him that. I asked him whether the teacher taught him the word 'F*CK' (in a sarcastic way...:p). He said he knew because the word is in the dictionary. I mentioned that it was like a styling in writing or speaking, just like having a dialect. I asked him to read or venture more into this.

He asked again whether the word 'kewl' is acceptable in the exam? I told him to try it out first, even i told him that we're having a brit's english education, so it might not be accepted.

theguy: takderla..kita kan kan malaysia
theguy: gunakanlah bahasa yang sesuai
theguy: bahasa yang sennag orang paham
theguy: maybe ko dah biasa
theguy: kalau aku anak duta lainla
theguy: tau sleng english luar
theguy: kalau ko nak betul-betul english sleng ambil 1119
tunazif: dah amik dah
theguy: dapat berapa
tunazif: i failed bro
tunazif: that was 12 years back
theguy: aku pun dapat 6 jek tau
theguy: bukan senang tau bro
<- huiyo...! tak tau nak kata apa...

Trying to be a nice sarcastic annoying hated #^^%$##%$#@ friend, he advised me to be a good Malaysian, use only words that other people understand. I don't really care, because for me, there's nothing wrong to ask if u do not understand. I have a lot of other words that people might not understand like boron, bodol, ciboi, mangkak and so on. I used them even when i'm conversating in english. So what? There's no english words for those words. I told him if he cannot understand, and don't wanna ask, then maybe he may not have to understand a thing (or buzz off in a slightly bad way haha)

He complained, if he cannot understand, how to interact with me? I don't care, i don't need an interaction with him. For me, it doesn't really matters, but it matters to him. And he was even complaining about his unlucky life for not being an ambassador child, who normally would be able to speak english fluently. For reasons i cannot figure out, he asked me that if i've really got english with 'slangs', i should take up the English 1119 paper!

I did! I failed! So? And, i took it as he was trying to show off with his 'C6' pass grade.

theguy: so..ko buat apa sekarang
tunazif: i ain't as good as you
theguy: maksud aku carrier ko
tunazif: carrier?
theguy: job
tunazif: i don't need a carrier
tunazif: i can carry myself..
tunazif: obviously hehe

He asked what am I doing as 'What is you carrier?' (muahahaha LOLSM), I told him i need no carrier as i can carry myself very well. Jokingly (sarcastically) i told him my money comes down from the sky. I told him that it's not important to know what am I doing. I just told him that i'm jobless, as you all know. I just do sales to get money. And he asked me if i'm staying with my parents. And proudly i say yes, because that's the best thing i would do for my parents right now.

theguy: u live with ur parents?
tunazif: yes
theguy: whay don't u try to live by urself
theguy: get marrie
tunazif: i have to take care of them
theguy: have children
theguy: then u can said working does not important
tunazif: hmm
tunazif: not the time yet

Again, as he was trying to be a santos, he advised me to live by myself, getting married and have children. Well, i just don't get it. Even my father didn't say that to me. My mom even worried if one day i'll be out of the house. She'll be bored as no one will actually accompany her at home.

I've been living away from my parents since i was 11, till I was 28, when i suddenly decided to stay close to my parents or maybe stay with them. And deep from the bottom of my heart, i really think that this is the time i want be close to them, and take a very good care of them. If anything happen, i would want to be the first to know.

It's not an easy decision. I sacrificed my job, just to be with them. Would u guys, actually do that?

Lemme include the most crucial part here. It's really pathetic.

theguy: thinkla bro
theguy: how old are u now?
theguy: 29?
tunazif: hold on
tunazif: i got call
tunazif: yes 29
theguy: be a person please
theguy: 29 years old is not the time to take care of ur parents
theguy: think about u
theguy: about ur life
theguy: do u think ur life now is ok?
theguy: sorry
theguy: just to make an opinion
theguy: to a friend
theguy: no offence ok


What's the problem of me taking care of my parents?

Maybe he was so mad that his parents did not turn out to be the ambassadors, so he decided not to take care of them. Not to mention the siblings. He is so 'jual ikan' (sell + fish), or simply very the 'self-centered'.

Someone was really getting on my nerve as a very 'kewl' (again LOL) person. I wonder what kind of person is this 'so-called-friend'...

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