January 4, 2006

A very warm welcome to 2006!


I wasn't around for at least a week.

I spent the whole 'wasn't around' period doing.. errr I don't know what am I doing back then.

Right now, in the middle of the night, i'm spending a lil bit of my time, going to a cybercafe, to actually checking out something on the Internet, and actually, i missed my blog so much!

It's already the new year and I've yet achieved anything in 2005. At the end of 2004, i lost 2 significant people of my life, which was my Pak Lang and my colleague, Chang Ye Yann. I quit my job to gamble, for doing things that i myself was very unsure about, which later i passed, as i do think that i have better things to do rather than just being there for nothing.

Then, I do nothing, do nothing and do nothing much.

Just now, I spent some time to visit blogger fellas, wishing them belated New Year greetings.

There are a few people tagged me to do this and that. I'm really happy and thankful for all that, i promise i will do that once i'm back!

I've checked out my visitors for the 3rd January, and there are visitors from Hong Kong, Johor Incubation Centre, Arcnet ISP, AT&T Global Network Services from Tokyo Japan, Kolej Damansara Utama, United States (eds.net), British Telecommunications plc UK, Gaoland France, Nildram Ltd. UK, Indiana University Indianapolis United States, Deutsche Telekom AG Germany, JPNIC Japan (this is a wow!), PCCW Computasia Ltd. Hong Kong S.A.R, Citi Corporation United States, Unibase United States and everyone else from Malaysia and the rest of the world that might not be listed in my statistic site!

Thanks for your support to my blog. If you are reading this, I'm actually waving to you, saying a big thank you and i'm gonna give u a real big hug! A hug with the manteras of charms and blesses for a good start in the year of 2006!

I just love hugs. Mwachs!

And now, my mind is tired.


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