January 19, 2006

In a week time...?

Surprisingly, my blog peaked it's visitor numbers on the last Monday and Wednesday. Both ticked 167 and 156 visits perday. Why eh?

FYI, I've already changed the tag-board scrollbar color, which the pink color has gained a lot of complaints. It was supposed to be somekind of 'Mugen' red.

For the past few days, i'm again experiencing the viral flu disease. Most of the body joints, especially the finger joints were aching. And last night, both my sister and bro, Farah and Izzat, were having quite a bad fever, both were being taken to the clinic by my father. I've made them a drink that was purposed for cooling 'em down but i don't know whether if it's the correct mixture. Well it tasted good to me.

It maybe caused by the on anf off raining, which had only started on the last Monday, till yesterday. When the raining starting, what i know in 5 minutes later, the rain was off and the weather is back hot again. 5 minutes later, the rain came again.

I was having my bad sleep nights. My body was badly aching that i cannot find myself a good sleeping postur on my bed. I'm the kind who is not fond with the medicinal drug supplied by the doctors, as it is not actually strengthen our antibody towards the diseases or viruses.

While all that, I was busy transferring my old blog entries in tBlog to here. Not so easy though, as tBlog is not using standard html syntax like blogspot is doing. Especially with pictures and any other html tags, i have to check over and over again. It's slowing my tranferring process.

On news and papers, there are a few things that keep boggling my mind, especially the rape and murder case of a pretty young lady in Sungai Petani who was found dead at 2.35 A.M. She was reported for not returning home after the jogging session with her sister in the afternoon previously. She used to jog on the same route every single day and i think the rapist/murderer has actually planned for the thing for long before he found the chance. Even though the murderer is found, she's dead. Nothing we can do about it.

Then again, the authority and power has been used to 'enable' violence towards people. Somewhere in the northern region, a 16-year-old student fell off his motorcycle after a chair was thrown over him by the officer of the Transportation Department. The officer said that they had to throw the chair as the boy was actually trying to avoid the road block.

What the hell was that? It is totally uncivilised. There must be a better way of stopping the boy. There was a well revenge incident. The villagers hit them right away. It's fair. Uncivilised Officers vs Forced-to-be-uncivilised Villagers. It pays.

Padan Muka.

There was an incident in the Pasir Gudang Highway of JB where the JPJ officers tried to stop a full load trucker by doing an emergency break in front of that trucker which caused the trucker to be flipped and the loads were scattered all over the road. Not to mention the damage, a pregnant lady died as she was trying to take over the truck.

I wonder what was their base of jurisdiction while doing their work? They must have forgotten an organ that we call brain.

As in other countries, people were always being fooled by the politicians. They're the law maker and they think they can just say anything to cover up what they did wrong. The politician here are even worse. Badly, the people has got no initiative to find out what was the actual thing.

In TV3 last night, logging activities was found in certain reserved forest in Ulu Langat, Selangor. When the media asked Khir Toyol, he said that the reserved forest was approved by the Forest Department and they should ask the Forest Department about the approval.

I'm very sure that it's noteasy for the Forest Department to gazette the Reserved Forest as the loggable area, especially when the area had been announced by Najib Razak as the reserved forest himself. Unless it's an area of:

1. To be developed
2. Private owned land

then the government will issue the license for the logging activity.

The Reserved Forest area is the most sensitive issue. In this case, the approval of the Reserved Forest to be released as a loggable area is not in the hand of Forestry Department.

It's in the hand of the Dewan Undangan Negeri.

Toyol is always Toyol.

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