January 19, 2006

The preview of a rebirth.....!

With that sleek design, it has always been regarded as the sportiest car model of it's time. A chromed emblem is truly a symbol of passion. Given to a right person with the right hands and right skills, this old bug would turn to be a luxurious antique ride or simply a super fast monster. Properly put on it's place on top of the hood, the circled emblem with 'VW' easily understandable as a short form of VolksWagen. Followed by a long chromed piece of metal which set the standard of what we call as 'Beauty' of it's class. That is the pimp my ride look sports rim. A mixture of chrome and black paint, it gives the wheel a bigger look, plus the beautiness made this car way very kewl compared to the rest. The rare original VolksWagen rim has been matched to the 114.2 PCD 4 lugs wheel screw lock of the car. The whole 4 four wheels were on this 15 incher wheels. It is more or less comparable to Herbie, as the wheels fit the whole wheel arch of the car.A rare item of the original steering wheel, gives the sporty look and feel while driving this about to be a monster. It supports the already superb handling of the car which gives more control over turning, given that it's driven the proper way that it is supposed to be. It gives quick response as drifting is perhaps, possible with this car. Rear wheel drive but with mid mounted engine. It's way challenging!The bucket seat suits the sporty need of this car. Functioning to hold the body while driving fast or tackling corners, it was properly being covered with leather look PVC that blends both beige and brown colors with black flooring carpet. It rejuvenates the look of the internals of this car. You'll be comfortably sated while riding in this car. A side front look of the fender, a very well blended view of the fender paint job, the chromed bumper plus the esthetical sports wheel.A view from the car's rear bumper. It even has the reflection of my own car on it.

* More pictures at my Malay Blog

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