January 5, 2006

For the love of...

For the love of Cats

I like cats but i just cannot love them. If i love cats, i think i would be the one who die first. Yeah, love means die for it. If i love a girl, i would die for her (uwek) even though i'm not supposed to.

So i would only be able to like them. When I was small, i love bullying cats. Hei, that was when i was really small, not even 4 years old.

I was once watched a movie where they buried people in the ground. I wanted to try it, so i dig a hole and put a cat inside it. It manage to climb out and rescue itselves. After a while, i recalled that, in the movie, the person who buried the dead man knocked his head with a hammer first.

Yeah I did. So don't ask! So i manage to bury the cat into the hole successfully. Yeehaa!

When i grow older, i actually starting to love cats. Even though they were always like scratching my hands, i love it when they were cuddling with me, but my mom always prohibits me from playing with the cats, because of the furs. I even cried to myself when my father hit my granma's cat.

After a while, especially when i started to drive, i know why my father didn't really care for hitting a cat. I knows he love me so much!

Case 1 :: Early 1997, on the 3rd day of Raya, I was involved in an accident, my car turned upside down, when i was about to avoid a black cat crossing the road in the middle of the night.

Case 2 :: Taiko ( i don't know when), hit a signboard when he was about to avoid a cat. As trying to show the love for the cat, he wasn't only risked his life, he has to pay for the ruined signboard. (owwwhh... so this is one of the musibah la.. hehe..)

Case 3 :: When I was riding my TZM, 2 cats were by the side of the street when one of it tried to cross when my bike is passing. Trying to show some lovelah at least, because my ex was driving behind me, the cat was actually crossed at the same time my bike passed the point the cats were standing by the street. I was nearly fell down (anyway, by the help of my powerful legs, i managed not to fall down). I was scared to death, i don't remember what happened to the cat but i have to repair my bike. As a student, that costs me a lot!

Not to mention, all the cost that must be beared by the government to pay the firemen to save a cat (what the heck).

So my conclusion :: If you were about to hit a cat, just hit it. You may be able to avoid the cat but would you be able to avoid a big truck that suddenly come into your way?

Good Luck or die!

For the love of Kids

I recently went to a rhythmic gymnastic class where i can see only a few malays joining in.

I was wondering, why less malays would have interested to send their children for extra activities like sports, music and so on?

As I went to Mid Valley, there was a quartet of young musicians playing the new year songs, and all of them were chinese. Why can't we have the malay playing the songs?

Most of the malays who play music were actually those who quietly learn how to play instruments without any proper training (and that includes me). It is very rare to see that they were being properly trained. Like me, i can play music but i can't read notes.

And the malays were only busy sending their children to the tuition classes. But the chinese were sending their kids to the tuition as well. Why?

As I talk to one of my father's friend, the malay folks actually do not really believe other than getting a good certification or qualification and later to get a good job.

And as i talk to another friend of my father, parents sometimes want to determine their children's life by saying they are putting extra high hope to the children to become what they want their children to be, and which happened to most of us!

And they just want their children to be well-surviving in the future. Security is the most important.

And these children end up got nothing to do in their free time. They went doing something wrong.

And sadly, i knew a few kids who were being scolded by their parents for playing music in a band. That is a lot much better than involving in drugs. Not to mention parents who prohibit their children from getting involved in the sports. It happens to myself.

When i was in standard 3, i was really a very good table tennis player. I can just beat anyone older than me. I can play with my both hands. Why not? Because i trained myself every single day and night, just to become the very best.

For the final exam, i did my best and i only managed to get the 2nd place in the class. My parents were pissed off for nothing (hei it's quite good enough, others do worse than me) and they actually hide my table tennis bads.

In standard 4, there was a table tennis competition. Behind my parent's back, i took part and managed to get to the quarter final, which i was beaten by a standard 6 student, in a rubber set, who later happened to be the champion of the school and managed to become the state player. I was the only standard 4 who manage to enter the quarter final where the rest was all the standard 6 students, not to mention the state players. He even congratulated me for playing so good back then but i was crying just after the game. He end up trying to stop me from crying much further.

I was so sad back then. I cried for what my father did, not for my losing. I know i can beat him as in the rubber set we were tied in the deuce. Imagine what would happen if i'm the one who win the game?

Later, i switched to soccer and badminton.

When i was still small, my passion is all for the things i love to do. I experimented things to learn about it. Same goes to badminton. As I was chosen as the school player, i trained badminton every single morning. It indeed has turned me into a very damn good player. Again, i can play with my both hands. I can beat the teacher anytime.

Yeah, just because i've got the 2nd in the class, my uncle asked me to stop playing badminton. He prohibited me from attending the training in the early morning.

There goes another chance of me to get involved in sports.

Yeah, i was really interested in playing music as well. Whenever i wanted to play with my Auntie Aizan's organ, my mom will always like having this one kind of look at me that will probably stopped me from doing so. How i wish my parent will send me to the music classes just like Auntie Aizan did with her children.

So at school, i started to learn music myself by playing the school organ, then slowly piano. In form 3, i started to learn to play guitar, and as i learnt some tricks of chords formations on the electric organ, i became a very fast learner as by the end of the year, i was selected to play the guitar together with the others in the performance for the form 5 students.

At least i've got a lot of better things to do (even though i was quite a setan/devil) at school.

There are 2 factors that caused the malay children for not to be interested in doing anything rather than just wasting their time.

1. The parents were not providing the environment of interest to their children plus they were so busy doing things.
2. The children themselves were not interested.

And the chinese or the indian excel in what they were doing, we talked about a lot of things about them.

I think it's simply because they were trained to manage their time since the beginning. Extra classes, music classes, karate/sports/gymnastic classes, and their time is just exactly the same as ours.

And the malay children were trained to waste their time at home with parents, which later caused the children to become boring and end up going out of the house doing nothing. That happened to my lil sister Farah, which i think she is a total SPOILT!

I think children whould be given their freedom to choose what they wanna do by providing them with a good environment to start with. They should be trained to do things all by themselves when they were still kids. Their time should be occupied by activities.

I've once heard a mother of a malay friend who sarcastically said to her son, "Playing squash won't do you any good, it won't take you anywhere" as i went to his house for a break after a squash training session. He was the best player among us, but as pressured by her mom, he left.

Nicol David has become the world no.1 player in squash. She was paid RM200k for her achievement.

Who are going to give you RM200k as easy as that?

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