January 13, 2006

IKEA friends..

Have u registered yourself as an IKEA friends?

Today the IKEA friends card has just arrived to my doorstep. A guy driving a POS MALAYSIA's van with a sad face had ringed my house door's bell. I went out and it's for me!

When i opened it, i was surprised that the Member card got the VISA hologram on it. Hmm. I didn't apply for a credit card anyway. My mom were about to start nag when the she saw the card with the visa thingy. I didn't want to anyway!

So i called them up. It's actually a debit card, the only difference is i don't have to have an account with them. I will just have to debit the money, just like the e-purse etc.

With membership cards, you can get points. Can get discounts as well. I remembered there was an item, w/o the membership card the price is RM59. With the card, the price is RM29.

And can get discounted price for swedish meals at the cafe. Free drink everytime. Isn't it kewl? The drink is refillable as much as you want. What you can do, ask all your friends to come over to IKEA, go to ikea, rest at the cafe and have that one drink. Share! After one another, pass the cup to another friend.

Free coffee for the whole group of friends!

Kewl isn't it?

And talking about IKEA, i've just got an email, sending me a video clip, showing a furniture showroom with a waterbed. It was just a container than contains water, and they put a pile of matress on top of that water, and this is somewhere in Germany.

As to actually show that people will try every single bed in the furniture showroom like bashing themselves on the bed, can u imagine what happened when they do that on the so called 'water bed'?

If you want to have a copy, email me at mohamad.izham(at)gmail.com and i'll send u one copy. I had a blast!

I hope that wouldn't stop you from being an IKEA friend. You know what? The hotdog that were being sold at the check out is not as good as it was still the 'babi hotdog'. So does the curry puff, but the ice cream is goooood! (GEWD? hahahaha)

Ikea is always kewl. You can date there too! Or test your date sense of home deco and design as well. Hmm.. Maybe u guys were having something in mind? Haha.. Carry on!

Well, talking about the last entry, i was still figuring out what was the message he was trying to deliver.

Right now I'm back again in JB.

Nothing much as for now. I'm going to work afterwards. Cya guys. (am i going to work? erkk.. )

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