September 17, 2008

Today I realize that...

Last time when I searched for 'Izham' on the net, the results were pretty few pages.

Today, all of a sudden I found out that there are so many people named Izham. And the drama producers were also using Izham as the name of one of the character in that drama.

Izham is always being portrayed as someone gentleman enough, nice and an absolutely an ideal boyfriend.

Of which I think is not. Most Izhams are bad and irritating (that includes me).

When I was still schooling, I managed to find only one Izham, that was when I was in standard 2. His name is Mohd Noor Izham.

Now, Izham is almost everywhere.

And today, I've got a joke sms telling that Anwar Ibrahim has swore upon the picture of DYMM Yang Di Pertuan Agong in Segambut to become the Prime Minister. Yeah. He was supposed to be the PM by 16 Sept, but what has gone wrong eh?

In the Tyra Bank show today, a mom loses her baby for being addicted to drugs and alcohol.

And it's pretty sad to see the policemen patrolling around like nobody business nowadays.

That means what?

It's either the crime rate is getting higher... or?

The economy is so bad that the policemen has to go out more often so that they can pow more and more people as people nowadays are unable to pay them as much as they used to be paying before.

But I'm quite happy with the movement of the global oil pricing. We should by now lessen our dependencies on the petroleum based products.

Even though, (yeah even though) prices of the other products has never gone down even though the oil price has gone down, and the local currency has gone better towards the USD.

And I realize one thing that, by days, I would prefer to stay at home more than before. I spent almost RM20 per day compared to those who went out.

I've gotta be a cheapskate too. My civic rather needs more money than anything that I own right now. Hehehe.

Not to mention amateurs who managed to embarassed themselves whenever they were flashing their high beams when they are about to reach my car.

So long dudes... ciao..

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