December 7, 2007

Clarification of why this and that..


People had been asking me, why do I charge such amount for photography. So here is why.

I'm charging RM170 for each roll.

1. Transportation cost, estimated around RM15 per trip, if in JB.
2. 36 piece of high quality 4R prints + 1 A4 print (RM36 + RM15) = RM51.
3. High Quality Album = RM40
4. Photography hours = 3 hours x RM20 = RM60
5. Individual treatment of picture editing hours - Almost 15 minutes for each picture which is countless in cost..

and bla bla bla.. It's just the cost and the wages without any profit.

I believe it is more that RM170 but i'm still charging RM170 per roll.

And I'm free after weeks of busy days. Wah I can breathe a lil bit relaxed now.

So here I am. Sitting at home doing nothing.


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