July 23, 2008

Check this facts out.

1. As of today, the Crude Petroleum Oil price has dropped to USD 127. Is there any indication by the government to reduce the national gas price. Arab Saudi should be complimented for their move to increase their petroleum production for half million barrel per day since few weeks ago.

2. Indonesia, who has become a total importer of petroleum has a lower price of gas being sold in their country. Malaysia, which is still exporting petroleum has a higher gas price than them. Well, it's a better decision as I'm expecting the oil price is mostly caused by the olimpics and it will drop again. Can i summ up that Indonesians MAY have better brain than MALAYSIA?

3. The disbursement of petrol subsidy payment is done by POS Malaysia for cars below 2000cc. 2000c and above will be done by the JPJ. Comparing the ratio of the number of cars below 2000cc to above 2000cc is like 25:1. Does POS malaysia didn't get to have any commission from the govt? And why didn't the disbursement of all cars be done by the POS Malaysia? Why do they have to differentiate both segments?

4. Hmmm.. let us think on only these 3 facts for the time being.

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