October 22, 2009

Aussie firms deterred by Malaysia’s slow internet speed

Read this.

This is humiliating. No?

My brother in Russia paid not even quarter of our RM88 for his 8MB/s broadband Internet connection at home.

My sister paid only 5 pounds for a phone line, cable TV and a 10MB/s broadband Internet connection.

We? Are we okay? No?

We pay RM88 for a stupid 1 MB/s (they claimed so) Internet connection line, of which I rarely be able to download at the speed of 50 kbps even!

And look at what Rais Yatim answered here.

As for now, even the 1MBps broadband is really slow, what is the purpose of intending to add the number of broadband users? Is he stupid or what?

Rais Yatim can only do cultures. Dances. Singing but Technology? No?

WTH is going to be with Malaysia. How can I write if every single day of my life is filled with anger and dissatisfactory?

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