April 1, 2010

1st April 2010

It's been a year in DHL APIS.

It has been great working in here even though I've not into working anymore but the job provides me adequate enough to carry on.

While in DHL APIS also, I was recruited into their very own band, ' The Undecided' and so far we've been having Gigs in several places including Singapore and Phuket, as the bassist, though. :P

It's been a year++ of my marriage as well. I'm pretty lousy at it but both of us are working our best on it. I'm still the same hot blooded person as usual but my patience (and passionful) wife is at best being the understanding and supporting woman for me.

I've just got a new car for my family to be. My Civic is just being unreliable and inconsistent lately. I was supposed to be driving my Civic to work tonight but warming it for at least 5 minutes didn't give me any sign that it's gonna work well for me tonight.

My mom has been not very well due to slip discs problem and my father keeps on seeking for every solution possible to help my mom to relief the pain.

My sister, Fadhlina is now in UK doing her phd. My other sister, Faizah, to my surprise had won the Malaysian Bronze Medal for her Master thesis, which for me is a superb accomplishment ever! I managed to congratulates her as I got home from Seremban prior to this moment but as usual, and I hope she knew how proud I am being her brother.

And she's getting married on the 1st May as well.

Expect me to be more active for the next few months. I have been limited to Internet XS for the past 2 years and my new house will only be equipped with PSTN line in the next few months, 2 or 3. That's what SKMM told me in their email.

I'm now starting to feel lucky again.

DO you feel lucky punk?


Faizah said...

ur sister's name is Faizah? wow! Go Go Faizah!!

nina~syazna said...


Vovi said...

Tak sangka masih ada lagi blog nih....

Mazlin said...

Bila dah kawin... makin murah rezeki... Insya-Allah :D

Mazuien Ibrahim said...

enjoy life!

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