May 19, 2010


Beside doing photography and starting to be actively playing music again, my passion towards 1 and 0 has never been off.

Even though lately I thought I'm already bored with computers, the actual thing was I just needed something new, just to fire up my interest again.

Legally not correct, but the challenge of doing it the right way and getting it to work is definitely a 'yes-yes' stuff to me.

I've started off with this project since quite some times ago, starting by buying the SL install DVD of which I've had never got it to be running on any system yet ever. Tremendous hours spent on the Net and RTFM will definitely not getting me to anywhere yet.

I've posted some screen shot on Facebook, whereby I managed to get a Leopard 10.5.2 to be installed and running on my Desktop and an Acer laptop as well. What I hated most was, I wasn't even able to get it running on my very own Asus Laptop with that HD LCD screen, of which, if it's ever going to be running the Mac OS X on it, it will definitely be as good as the Macbook display, at least at par.

As for now, I even manage to get it to be running on my other desktop and I'm planning to get it running on my other Acer Laptop, which currently I believe to be having the hard disk problem.

Buying a Mac book at the price of 2 laptops is definitely a pain in the ass. In terms of performance, with the same amount of money, I can build a super duper powerful Mac Custom system. How much is it to buy a Mac with a Quad Core processor, or even an i3 or i5 processor or even an i7 (owh am I dreaming too much), and imagine it having at 4 GB or 8 GB to be safe, and a TB of hard disk.

Keep on dreaming as it will cost you at least one and a half, of an EVO 6 half cut.

For about 2.5 k, I can get a decent Quad Core or an i5 processor with 8GB memory and 1TB hard disk, with an HD monitor linked through the HDMI cable.

And running the latest SL!

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