October 1, 2010

Iphone4 + some tips

Finally, Iphone 4 is in Malaysia. I was among the earliest to obtain it from Digi. The reason why I got it from Digi is because it's earlier and cheaper (in terms of phone price and monthly fees). Use 1GB and the rest is still free even though it's slow.

There are a few obvious issues I myself found on my very own Iphone4.
  • It fell off from my car to the road surface, and dented, and the so called Helicopter like glass-plasticky material as claimed are not that strong either. From 2 feet above, and fell, and dented, is not supposed to be the case here. Anyway, all function are still working very fine. NO doubts, except for the last thing I'm gonna mention at the end of this article.
  • Call drops. 
  • Battery is draining furiously fast with all the options turned on. Below are tips to prolong it
  1. Turn off location service
  2. Turn off push notification
  3. Fetch new data manually, instead of push
  4. Turn off push email
  5. Reduce email accounts to be auto-checked
  6. Minimize playing games/3rd party apps
  7. Turn off Wifi. Turn it on only when necessary
  8. Turn off Bluetooth
  9. Offline or use airplain mode where the provider signal is low or totally null
  10. Use dimmer brightness
  11. Turn EQ off for Ipod or set EG to flat
  12. Disable using 3G.
Today, I found a bizarre thing about Iphone4. I called my home landline of which connected to a fax machine. After few rings the call were not picked up, it gets connected to the fax machine. After that, the phone Mic fails. For any calls I made or received, the other side were not able to hear my voice, even though I can still hear them.

I switched on and off, and turn on flight mode and off it back, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I resync my Iphone and made a call to my wife and it works again, but I'm worried of the inconsistency.

So far, it works great and as u know, this is the thing of which I'm not gonna really use it for calls, it's more probably a small computer for me to get connected to the world, anywhere I want, but having the core function not working as supposed gives me some sort of headache right now. *blegh*


tiub beskal said...

hahaha padan muka....
beli lagi iphone. bukan best pon.
baik pakai nokia 3310....err..ada jual lagi ke kat kedai?

izzat arslan said...

lama gila x update blog. nak dekat 2 bulan dah,,

Miss Appleijo said...

aktif lagi ko kat blog ekk..ingat kan dah tak aktif lagi dah..

Izham Miyake said...

Ada la.. kekadang terasa nak update.. update lah.. sekarang ni dah mula nak update blog je selalu..

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