March 8, 2011

Strange life signs found on meteorites

From this research, we can conclude that there's another form of life out there which is not being native to the earth. As an exo-planet apps user on iPhone, I have learnt quite a number of planet that was the earth type or super-earth type of which located within a livable radius from the star.

This study shows that microfossils similar to cyanobacteria - the blue-green algae which the pond scum living happily on the fractured inner of the meteorites surfaces. They contained carbon, which is a marker of the Earth-Type organism. It gives a clear hint that life is not restricted only on Earth.

In 1996, NASA scientist presented a research indicating a 4 billion year old meteorite found in Antarctica carried evidence of fossilized microbial from Mars.

All this made me wonder that how actually Dinosaurs exist in this world. It's weird that Dinosaurs were never found in Malaysia but it's all over the rest of the world. Maybe it's due to the small area of Malaysia.

Might it came through meteorite as well? My idea is that Dinosaurs might have not live in this world but they might have lived somewhere else but happened that their planet was having a big bang that all their corpse was scattered all over the place, including earth.

My idea was, if dinosaurs lived here, we should have been seeing a lot of their fossils around but we were just able to see one or two, not in numbers. Bones are non-biodegradable so we would still be able to see it even how long it was buried in the ground, it will still be there.

The idea of these bones would have degraded into petroleums is quite questionable as some are found but some aren't.

That's why I was thinking these Dinosaurs might have came through meteorites. And that's the reason why they are buried in the ground since meteorites that crashes to the earth will create a deep hole and causing these dinosaurs to be buried in as well.

The worse was then, I started to think that Ultraman might exist too.

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