July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Farah!


I cannot imagine having another newborn sibling when I was 21 even though I was always having to tell my mom that I wanted another sister. I still remember I had my worst accident when I was 20, when all my good buddies gathered at the end of my hospital bed and cried. Imagine how terrible I was at that time.

That was like, 13 years ago? Then when I was at home resting from my semester, once in a while my mom came and visit me at home and one day I popped this shout!

"Woi! Mak aku pregnant woi!"

On the 4th July, she was born; me and all my friend visited my mom in the hospital, everyone was amusingly excited and surprised that I have a little sister with a 21 years gap.

Time goes by. Being a bully and being bullied at home is just her. When Farah was smaller, she would hang with nobody except my mom. Even until now, my Father wouldn't be able to hug her, just because of an unknown reason.

I don't remember much about her when she was in the primary school but I knew she was obviously having a deep caring thoughts about me. I don't remember showing a lot of affections towards her as the nature of me being a bully doesn't allow me to do so; and do you think she would ever care, if I do?

At that time, I still remember how I pity her for not having a doll to play with and she was playing with a 1.5 liter mineral water bottle, carrying it around and talking to it like a baby. And she would always talk by herself; either talking to herself or making a phone call to anyone she would miss. As I was among the people who was always being around her compared to all the other siblings except for Izzat, she would always like making an imaginary phone calls to her sisters (Adik and Ina remember this, Farah always miss both of you when she was small). She would just make that imaginary phone call to anyone that she misses

I was having the worst time of my life about 9 years back. I've lost my gf (of which I am so thankful that I did) and I was having my downtime for almost 3 months after. I lost weight, I don't do this, I don't do that. I didn't bully Farah as how I would do normally. All I do was grieving and looking back at the past.

Farah, as how she would normally do, she would never come to me to say anything or do anything. I didn't even knew that she would even knew or understand what was going on until one day, when my mom was busy at the garden while she was playing at the garden and talking to herself as usual. My mom broke into tears when she heard Farah was making her imaginary phone calls to my ex gf asking her to come and play with her and come visit Along (that's me) because Along is always sad. Hahaha!

Having her around sometimes making me look like a father figure. When I was in JB, I was the one who is always sending her to and picking her up from school. Everyone was asking if Farah is my daughter.

When I was having a new gf, she would threat to tell the current gf that she knew. Haha! I don't remember when did I introduce her to my wife but she was happy to know that I finally chosen the right one!

She was doing very well in her Standard 6 exams that now she's accepted into some religious boarding school. Being the most pampered (and still) child in the family, she was having her hard time at school. When she threatened to pull herself out of school, I insisted her to inform me of anyone who is giving her the hard time and I'll slap them in their face; even the teachers!

That was history and I think she survived for almost 6 months now. The last thing I heard from my my father is that she's now in the top 10 list of all her batch.

As a brother, even though sometimes I hate you for being lazy, I'm totally proud of you.

Really proud of you!

Today that it is your birthday, I would want to give you my warmest hugs and tell you that we all do love and care about you. I do love you. What ever it is, you're still my sister and I'm all you've got if you're in trouble sista!

Take care! I'm proud of you!


Ikhwan Joker@Ina Assistalia said...

Gua duk dgn dia dulu... thn 2000... hari nak naik motor....kalau gi kelas nampak naik motor dia nak ikut.. bila petang selalu bwk dia dgn izzat naik motor,hari2 bawak dia naik motor, then bila balik dari cuti mmu, bawak dia pergi kedai beli aiskrim... and selalu bwk dia mandi kolam kat jb dulu...kadang2 angah mintak dia tolong pijak belakang badan..SKrg dah besar dah dan dia x mcm dulu dia dah jadik pendiam.....Apa2 pun angah tetap sayang farah mcm dulu2 jugak....
Farah .. hAPPY Birtday... angah sayang FArah...

Ikhwan Joker@Ina Assistalia said...

Lagi satu..
along, jgn marah2 lagi la.. farah.. cakap elok2...x de sapa suka kena marah..

Izham Miyake said...

Insya allah. Tak marah2 dah.. sekarang farah dah start jadi seorang yang bertanggungjawab.. Mak ajela yang suka marah2 dia hehehe..

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