October 1, 2011

Retired Folks

I live in a community whereby the housing area is mostly populated by Forest Department retirees. I'm sort of knew these people, even some of them I knew them when I was younger, due to the fact that those retirees are mostly my father's colleague during his service with the government.

The close relationship is prolonged through the settlement that we have currently. We had our own surau, even though small but nice enough to accommodate the prayer purpose, and it also serve as the place to gather the people from the whole settlement area.

These people had been serving the people through their service in the government. What touches me is the fact that these people, even though retired, they are still willing to serve people, this time around for nothing to gain.

I just received a note that I found in my letterbox inviting me to a meeting to form something like the committee of the kampung (JKKKK) in this place and also maybe to provide some security service by executing a patrolling service through out the nights.

See, even they have retired, the servicing urge is just so in the blood. They are willing to do so, for nothing, after servicing the people 25-30 years. Exhauted but never tired!

Sadly, before all these were happening, even during our first Raya gathering that was held last Sunday, people started to babble on the effort; by saying the patrolling service won't be as long. Even more sad, that particular guy are not part of the Forestry retirees community, who actually bought the house from one of them.

I would, in my honest opinion to actually praise the effort, no matter how it's going to be. To have such 'worm' to disqualify people is disgusting. As a community, we should step in and voice our support, as this is not for anyone else but us.

You know what? I just felt like to  burn someone's house down!

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