February 13, 2012

How to boost your UniFi speed?

The fact that a lot of people suffered from bad Unifi speed was REAL. It happens to me.

For the past few days, I was feeling like everything was getting really slow. Some might experience slowness in both ways (download and upload) but I think it's quite weird that my upload speed was okay (constantly from 4-5 MBPS) but my download speed went down to not more than 200 kbps, and the slowest recorded was 15kbps, even slower than the PSTN dial up speed.

It used to be at least 1MBPS, when sometimes it goes up to 2 or 3 and 4 but never reached 5 MBPS.

I reported the problem to TM and I only got not less than 15 report numbers for the past 24 hours. Just the report numbers. Nothing more than that. What a service??

Talked to a few friends and Wan suggested that might be due to the router problem. I was just trying my luck and decided to look for the router.

Searched thoroughly on the NET and found out a site, http://unifi.athena.my, which list out all the compatible routers to be working with the current UniFi setup.

So today I went to LowYat Plaza (the heaven on earth for geeks & nerds like me) and looked around for the router. I was stopped at a shop and told that they have a wide range of routers. I checked the site and found out a router with 300 MBPS N WiFi. Priced at RM79, it's a TP-LINK TL-WR841ND.

Headed home after a nice dinner at the al-Rawsha. Popped the router from the box and connect it to one of my laptop while the other one to look for the ways to configure it on the Net.

Downloaded the firmware after so many failing attempts due to the failing UniFi connection, immediately I load it into the router and reboot, configured everything and VOILA! The Internet seems to be improving!

Did the test and it was showing figures around 7-8 MBPS this time. That means the original router provided by TM was faulty from the beginning! Lucky I had a faulty device. I'm not only getting a cheaper replacement (TM's default router will cost you RM150), I'm also getting a better connection now!

I just had my UniFi installed for slightly more than a month. How do you explain that?

UniFi does not sucks. It's the people there. Providing people with faulty items and faulty services, as even the Customer Service failed!
* Please let me know if you are interested and would like to know more how this can be done. It's actually all over the Internet but if you're so lazy, just let me know I can do it for you.


Desmond said...

I have my Unife VIP5 installed yesterday. Run the speedtest and get about 4.8 download speed and 4.6 upload speed. Even run my youtube with 1080 HD video also has no laggy.

But the thing that I don't understand is why does some websites load slow and same goes to opening a facebook app in my phone as well. The speed is even slower than my stramyx. Do you have any idea of this issue? Also, even if I tried with LAN cable to my laptop, webpage still load slow.

I'm also suspecting the D615 router performance, but since youtube can run so smooth, it doesn't sound faulty to me. =(

Emily Is Strange said...

hi, I've had unifi since last July and until recently I've had this problem where almost every evening around 8pm the wifi is unusable.the modem is in the livingroom and i only use wifi on my phone and laptop so its so frustrating to repeatedly refresh the wifi settings and restart the modem. i called uni 3 times but everytime after they refresh it,after a few hours it stops working again.the next day in the morning it still doesnt work,only when i get back from school it's fine.. do you think i should get a new modem or just cancel unifi?

mynameisnaim said...

Bro..... Need ur advise urgently on this same issue! Wassap me ur no to 0126546604 Naim. Cant stand this so call 20mb anymore

Izham Miyake said...

Sorry guys. I have missed all your comments.

I have no particular advice for all of you. I was having the same issue with facebook at my house, and you're right, accessing facebook over streamyx is a lot faster.

I'm suspecting they're shaping our bandwidth. That's the only thing I can suspect.


I think you will have to change the WiFi router. It is highly advisable to separate your dialing in modem with your WiFi router. So in the end, your will 3 apparatus (Fiber end point modem, dialer modem + IPTV VLAN and a separate WiFi router). I noticed WiFi cannot be bundled together with dialer router, unless you use multiple chips router that separate it functions between both.

Naim. What is your exact problem. You can write to my email


al capone said...

Hi. found out the solution, just disable the firewall function in your router and your problem will be solved.

1) disable your dlink dir-615 firewall

2)set google dns in your router

3)disable the dns relay function.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi , quick question. What firmware did you download/used to load it into the router? Please answer ASAP. Thank you

Unknown said...

Thanks for your information. I followed your steps then increased my internet speed. After i have checked my internet speed from this site Scanmyspeed.com

Unknown said...

i use VIP 10 and its great and i know how to speed up and fix unifi. Come to my blog

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