August 13, 2014

A tribute to Uncle Jam

Just heard from a colleague in the office, the Uncle Jam, who owned the only known to us jamming studio in Kuala Pilah...

Without him, I don't think I will be the so called musician cabuk I am now.

Without him, I don't think my brother will ever learn to play drum. He didn't teach but being able to play at his Jamming studio let us explore the possibilities.

Without him, I don't think we will ever have a band now.

During the national election of 2005, he asked me to join him in his shop to watch the result. He belanja me all sort of food and drinks.I can't forget that.

He used to opened up his Jamming studio, because we called him at 1 AM in the morning to jam. He says, 'You wall punya pasal saya ada bukak. Kalau lain worang, saya tara bukak!'

As we moved out of Kuala Pilah in 2000, we no longer played there for quite sometimes until the wedding of my sister of which the hotel they used to transit before the wedding place was just in front of his studio. We visited, he offered us to play as nobody was around, and when I was about to pay, he said, 'No needlah we all old old friends, like this lah'

That was my last encounter with him, till last night, a colleague informed me of his demise.

I was just planning to give him a visit this Raya. Regret that I should have visited him whenever I drive to Kuala Pilah.

May god bless him. He was a good friend despite so many people disliked him for being so 'garang', but he'll be nice to those nice to him. 


Ralph Carpenter said...

Jam is a great guy if he did agree to your invitations at 1Am then afterwards on your sister's weeding to play on the opposite hotel to the studio. Thank you for this awesome nice story.

Anonymous said...

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