November 26, 2007

10 days after...

At last. 'Padan muka' John Howard. He lost in the recent election and I know Australians down there are not stupid enough to support such a 'senget' person. It's a good news that Rudd is going to salvage their armies in Iraq.

Who would stand someone who send his people for slaughter? Just like during the pagan time of Europe. They send people to war but the king were just sitting on their horse waiting for victory or to retreat. So cruel and mean. But at least, they're still on the warfield, making themselves available to the enemy. Thus, make them heroes!

Nowadays, a decision to send people for war is just by a phone call. I bet, if we ask every single individual went to the war, they would say 'NO'. Those who were sent to war are just low-ranked people ready for slaughter.

The country leaders and even the high ranked armies were just sitting still in comfort. Waiting for nothing firm. They're not hero. They're chicken. But that's what politics are for. I'm also a chicken. Why would i go to war if i can make money and live happily.

At least I don't initiate war, like politicians, but I'd go to the war if it's really necessary. I was told that we have this kind of emergency program for all the ex-military cadet, wataniah what ever to be called upon emergency, just like what the National Service for in Singapore. Right or wrong, I don't know.

If I'm ever to be summoned, I'll be in the green berret. If you want to be a hero, be a real herolah!

Even Prophet Muhammad went to war himself. Heroic kan?

Still, there are some 'terlebih heroic' people who are so blessed with extra energy to went on the street for demonstrations. Yalah, nak pegi perang, there's no war at all.

One after another, it was Bersih then Hindraf. Wonder what would come next. I wouldn't be commenting on the demo itself as blood was involved. Imagine if the policeman is your own father or brother. Sedih tak?

I don't intend to sound offensive here, but logically, if I'm an Indian, I'd be thankful to be living in Malaysia. Even though, Indians were brought in with the 'pecah dan perintah' in mind, as the time goes by, we are at par with each other nowadays.

In fact, Malay people can also sue British for a lot of things. We can even sue British for causing complications that made Pulau Batu Putih to be available for them to claim. We can even sue British for everything that we suffer nowadays.

We can then sue the Japanese as well. Do i have to mention everything they did during the World War II?

It's endless.


Bz bz bz bz bz...

Yeah that was accident really happened to me, but that was not my car. I managed to flee to the left when I saw that motorbike and as I expected the front frontier must have floored the brake pedal like mad.

As I fled, there comes another lorry and hit the braking frontier. I watched everything in a bump..

I went straight to Kota Tinggi for my photography job and managed to track the car later at a workshop's yard. Didn't see the lorry around.

So I'm all safe.

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