November 2, 2007


Okayh.. issue clarified and I'm reputting the enrty back in here. So you guys who have been asking about it, here you are!

I'd been pretty occupied lately with all the photography job, paid or unpaid. It has been my nature to be able to sit in front of the pc for hours doing something and better, I'm doing something really beneficial out of it.

I've just updated my photo blog with one of my recent project. It was fun as i had the chance to photograph two beautiful lady, a mother and a daughter of which it carries the theme of 'Pulang Berhari Raya'. (Go back to hometown for raya festival).

It had inspired me to get a raya project for myself.

Yeah. It will be done next year, starting from a few days before raya, until I've became fat enough to stop photo capturing.

Yeah now I'm fat too. I hardly walk that yesterday I was almost falling down while photo capturing my father's event.

So that was my first attempt of photo group. Yeah, it was kinda messy but i'd prefer it to be that way. It was kind of small but i think u guys may still see the faces clearly.

That's the power of Canon 40D.

Eh have u heard? Hahaha.. I bought a new camera. It's a Canon. EOS 40D. The latest one. The outcome? Superb!

And I already had a few canon lens; including that prime 50mm, 28-105mm USM and the 70-200mm f2.8L lens!

I managed to sell my Sigma 18-200mm to Nadya. And i'm still keeping my 17-50mm Tamron lens.

So afterwards, keep on your eyes on my photo blog. There will be more updates coming. With more techniques of photography and editing.



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