October 26, 2007



Alahmak.. aisehman.. whatever else words that can describe how regret I am for my stupid previous entry.

As u guys were hoping, it was such a joke and I didn't mean it at all. U know me lah, sometimes i spiced up my writings, to make it fun to read.

I wasn't writing it in anger or anything. I laughed all the way when I wrote those things. I intended to be creative to tell you guys what was going on during my short Aidilfitri break. I'm so tired at that time that I need something to cheer myself.

Well, it doesn't cheer most of you. It was a joke. It wasn't real at all. Except for the 'jual lembu' thing and the raya story.

Yeah it sounds real so that you guys will think that it's real and if u think it's real, i think i managed to get you people deep into my writings.

I have always overlooked in a lot of things that I'm doing nowadays. Pardon my absent-mindedness. I'm just a human. I myself was/and still is a badass. I've been feeling terrible for this one big mistake i have done.

With my deep regret, humbly and sorry, I'm pulling off my previous entry.

Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir & batin.

-Izham yang hina-

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