October 1, 2007

Does you know?


Someone did asked me using that phrase yesterday.

I said, "No, I does not"


"Does you know" about Facebook? It's a modular friendster like service, where you can choose your own application to be put on your profile. I guess people like zetty and fina are less updating their blog because of this thing.

It's addictive, does you know that? :p


"Does you know" that the Hari Raya is just around the corner? It's less than 2 weeks from the moment i'm composing this blog. Are you prepared? What have you prepared for yourself, family, what so ever.

Have you:

1. prepared your baju melayu or baju kurung? What about your family's?
2. get the envelope for "duit raya" or "ang-pow"?
3. changed for smaller denomination or you may end up giving RM50 to everyone.
4. prepared or bought the all the kuih raya or cookies?
5. serviced your car before long journey?
6. paid all the necessary bills before leaving for long holidays?
7. booked rendang/lemang/ketupat/dodol?
8. got enough beef/chicken for raya?
9. APPLIED FOR YOUR LEAVE? (if u're working)
10. BOUGHT YOUR TICKET? (if u travel by bus, train or airplane)
12. bought SMART TAG or TOUCH 'n' GO for highway use?

That's all i can think for now. Any more suggestion?


"Does you know" that 4 men and a woman has been remanded with regards to the case of Nurin Jazlin (oh sangat comelnya dia, rugi seorang wanita yang bakal cantik dari dunia ini).

For the past few months, I've been quietly observing the case, with sorrow and disguise. I can't believe that Nurin was found dead in a gym bag in PJ. I was crying silently denying that it was her.

I was in rage; trying to blame her parents. At that time, I was in agony as i thought the policemen were trying to close the case.

It was all written, that Nurin met the Creator in such a suffering way. We were all were throbbed at the heart, trying to believe that the girl found dead in the bag was her.

I was wrong. Dead wrong.

The morrow crying over Nurin's death were still haunting me in my sleeps. I couldn't imagine if I'm the taxi driver named Jazimin.

Al-Fatihah, may Allah bless her and become one of the most beautiful angel in heaven.

The latest update was the arrest of an Indonesian Lady who were suspected to play a role of the child's caretaker while in the ransom but at the same time acting like someone who is caring enough to ask the police of what's going on and blaming the police of not doing a good job.


You see how cruel a woman can be? That's why i believe in a saying,

"Tangan yang menghayun buaian bisa menggegar dunia"

Masya Allah. Sampai hati. Pray to god that we may find the culprit, arrest him, put him on trial and punish him, or maybe her.

When I was in KL the last few days, I happened to be listening to the new BERNAMA Radio and during one of the discussion, they open up the session for the listeners to suggest;


I cannot think of anything else except for this... Or do you guys have any better idea? Please share with me, so maybe we can forward it to the government as it will become a good lesson for such an animal!

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