October 23, 2007

A phone call from an ex.

Hello.. hi... lu sapa? owh sape-sape jela ek.. hehehe.. how are you? u horny huh?

Oh what really? U missed me? U missed me or u miss something else? Hehehe..

I missed you so much too. But I think i lied la.. I never missed you one. I missed you only when i cannot sleep at night time hahahahahaha..

Don't take it so hard eh, u know i always gurau-gurau with you. that's why last time i thought u were joking when you asked for break off.

It was right ghopenya.. takpola.. apo nak buek an.

I actually have been expecting your call long time ago but ok la, at least you call.. Goodla. Now i have your phone number already hahaha. Oh really? Haiyo, private number kah.. haiyaaaaa...! Then how do i make booty call to u?

Oh you know right I've been selling cattle meat on the 2nd and last day of puasa and managed to sell off everything. Got some ong and untung and can pay the kids wages. Eh not kids la.. my cousin and my bro in lawyer only.. eh in law.. silap..

Yeah, one cattle on the first day, 2 cattles on the next day. One little two little three little cattle.. hei apada.. Amazingly, i managed to finish 2 cattles in 2 hours without anyone realizing it. Time is so fast. My car is slow la. Must upgrade a lil bit.

And I managed to complete my puasa, Alhamdulillah. Not like last year, not only that we're so in loss, i missed 2 days of fasting. But I know you must have not been puasa-ing for at least 7 days la. U wanna bet? What 14 days? Hahaha. U mampus la to replace.

Oh yeah, my cousin afiq and my brother in Law, dak Pai helped me with the cattle selling. And better, we managed to reach kampung by 6PM and I managed to go to Giant to buy some nice drinks. You know what, it's really hard to find Justea in packs nowadays. I'm just so lucky to get the last pack, and better, we're rewarded with 2 free packs of justea. hehe.. U like justea right? I know last time u went sakit perut after getting drunk with Justea. Told ya already, justea haram hahaha.. only to you because u get drunk with justea.

Ha, my bro in law also got lobang you know. Err.. Yeah i know that lobang. I also got. Not that lobang for pooping la, lobang to get cheap fireworks and firecrackers. After 30 years of living.. eh oooooppppsss 30 already hahaha.. kantoi kantoi..

So for the first time in my life, I lighted up tat KLCC-like fireworks. Wah I was really like a beruk! Because I was terperanjat beruk loking how amazing that I can light that kind of firecracker myself. A lot of beruk turned human as they terperanjat manusia. Hahaha..

Bodoh la u.. itu pun u nak percaya ka? I lied ma. Of coursela i lied. What? U think I'm so honest with you mah?

Eh who says I called you during Raya night? I went out with all my cousins and in laws to Takbir from house to house. I didn't even bother to answer any calls pun. Who did call u then? Not me of course!

Eh, how come u claim i see you on raya night? U crazy beruk! I was in kampung la.

Who say I didn't pay your money? Last time it was you who borrowed my money to buy that stupid car. Now who hutang who?

What? U told me u're not a lesbian anymore but who was that tomboy sitting on you naked when I entered your house last time? U're fucking horny beruk! With a girl also can jalan....

Huh? Who are you? Hahahahaha...


* Wrong number.. boleh?

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