June 30, 2008

Life must go on...

We are all been having headaches of what's going on in Malaysia lately. With all the price hiked up, there are more unexpected events are to be happening in the near future.

Remember last time I told you to watch Keluarga di 9 at TV9, for those who had missed it, you may check it out here

As for this past few weeks, I've been busy moving out of my house in Bandar Baru Uda to an apartment in Taman Tampoi Indah II, still in JB, smaller house but good enought for me alone. I've inherited most of the furnitures and enjoyed living quite comfortable in here.

Expenses has been so high recently, I may have to cut on some expenses. I've no long term projects for the time being. It's like 'kais pagi makan pagi'.

I'm glad that I just finished a few projects which is about to be delivered this week. Raja Ezrin's wedding would require me to deliver a custom album, a frame and a normal sticky album which I consumed most of my free time during those hectic days to do them. Then come Azrai's wedding in Seremban then Marini's project of doing the profiling for talents of her new talent agency.

Tomorrow, I may have to go up to KL to deliver.

So time to sleep. Hope to see you guys again soon.


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