June 9, 2008


There are reasons why i didn't update this blog so frequent anymore. Aside from being extra busy moving out and get my famly to settle down in Senawang, Seremban, I was quite busy with photography projects and so on.

Plus, if I updated this blog last week, It would have been full of anger and hatred.

Who wouldn't be 'benganged' with the recent petroleum product price increase?

Last time, when the new rate was introduced, my Honda Civic full tank was more or less RM96. Now i have to fork out another RM40 for a full tank of petrol. It went much higher for my frontier which is using diesel. It used to be RM110 per tank. Now, it is an additional RM70 per tank.

The inflation is highly expected.

I remembered last time the government says that the high car tax was in order to support the petroleum subsidy to the rakyat but now, even though the subsidy has been lessen, the high car tax was not even reduced.

So what's going on?

And I don't understand why do we have to pay premium price for the petroleum product in the first place?

In the UK for example. A just graduated young professional income was averaged at 2.3K pounds a month, despite of the high tax being impounded to them, they're enjoying 117 penny per litre (which is 1.17 pound per litre) for the unleaded petrol.

Comparing money to money, yes they are much higher in price which would be around RM7++ but comparing to their salary, that would be more or less 0.05% of their salary per litre.

In Malaysia, averaged income for a young professional is rated at RM1.8K a month. Our petrol price, RM2.70 per litre is already 0.15%, which is 0.1% more that people in the UK.

Imagine the poor people? Those who make their living with rm600 a month? Can they really afford it?


* Today, please watch TV9 around 1-2PM. I think if they didn't sensor my stupid comment, i would on the Keluarga di 9.

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