May 24, 2008



I'm busy giler okay. Since my father is retiring soon, I'm busy of getting a new house for myself. And next week, I'll be busy transferring all my things into the new house then, and later to transfer all the belongings of my parents and Farah over to either Seremban or my kampung in Melaka.

I'll be staying alone. Nak join?

Well, those businesses keep me away from the Internet most of the times. (Even though I'm freaking addicted to the Battle of The Bands in facebook)


I hate reading newspapers. No matter which newspaper, i'm freaked out when i read 'em.

Is there anyone who can think straight. Didn't these people know to differentiate between what is right and what is not?

I do not understand what is happening in the UMNO right now. Last time, yes, everyone in the party, even root members would support any decision made by the leaders. Yes, there were times where leaders stand for what is right for the people, and for the country in general.

And those were the time when people, the rakyat has not turned down the BN government during the elections. We can see clearly the direction of the leaders and the rakyat were all ready to work for it.

There were once where Malays turned their head from the BN government, just because the former prime minister made a decision to sack his own predecessor. Well, during that time, as the sentiment goes, the malays voted the BN candidates out but then the non-malays think that it was best to strengthen the government by giving their full support as the former prime minister had done something they can be proud of for the local economy.

Now, the most rakyat had turned down the BN candidates again because they think the current government is not capable to rule the country. As simple as that.


For the last 2-3 years, I've been not agreeing to the unproven facts that the economy of Malaysia was doing very well compared to the other countries. As the global economy is facing the bottom side of the wheel, Malaysian economy has continually growing like there was no problem at all.

I was facing the outcome of the bad economy and I've got to overcome them by myself. Everyone else does face the problem, especially those who were dealing in the US dollars.

Now, especially, the effect of the global economy has started to give an impact to the local way of life. The price of the daily necessities has increased to a level that may cause a real big problem if the price hike was not handled carefully by the government.

The ministers can easily say anything they want. They have the budget for all their expenses, including tolls, petrol and everything. The salary they earned from being a member of parliament and become a cabinet minister is totally nett income,

Why not eliminate the budget for their expenses and ask them to pay all their expenses using their own salary that they earned?

I bet, dia orang misti terbatuk punya.

And latest, TDM has announced to leave UMNO, of which I think that it's very inappropriate. Of course, if I was him, i might get hurted so much especially from what I read in the Berita Minggu today, a comment from Johari Baharum on his former boss, TDM himself.

Without mentioning the reason why Mahathir was doing all that, he keep mentioning that TDM has not been inline with what he has been saying or done when he was in power.

For me, Johari Baharom cannot be trusted at all, especially when he revealed bad things about someone, or the family who he has been so close with. He mentioned that, after he did not let Mukhriz to be uncontested in the pursuit of the Ketua Pemuda in Kubang Pasu, which Mukhriz lost, Dr. Siti Hasmah(DSH) was not willing to shake hand with him anymore.

What a jerk! Why should this become so personal? And why should he reveal all this personal thing about TDM and his family? Would you do that if you were in his (Johari Baharom) position? What kind of people who does this?

To be frank, this is Monica Lewinsky type of people.

It's true that last time, to be exact in 1999, TDM lose quite a lot of support from the malays in the election and AAB did helped him out without question to regain the supports from the malays. I would do that also, as that would help me to convince TDM to pick me as his predecessor. Everyone will also do that, right?

Nobody has urged TDM to step down that the rakyat was actually not opposing him for his capability to lead the country as in to be in full control of the economy and what not, but the losing of support was from the Malays, as a result of a riskful decision in order to save this country from a worse disaster.

Look at DSAI now, he's been badmouthing his own country everywhere he goes. Would you actually pick someone like this to be our leader?

No. TDM instead, always talk big about his country and been so protective about our country, and a lot of people from all over the world were proud of him being the only muslim who was able to stand against the western countries. And if it was not of him, globally, people would not know what Malaysia is. They were always been thinking that Malaysians were still living in a hut or rant on the trees.

At that time, the economy was not so good, and not really bad, but TDM has managed to save our country from being victimised by the money assaults. A lot of people were then complimented TDM on his simple reversal effect that works really well.

The situation is now different. It has never been in the history that the Samy Vellu lost his seat that he's been throning for so long. It has never been in history that 5 states and 1 federal territory to fall on the opposition hands. The people has never been this MAD and ANGRY!


The economy is actually not as it was reported. Other races felt very insecure with the current development of no further major infrastructural projects, of which to produce more income and generate more money circulation within the country. The price of things has never been this high.

Rakyat has disbelief and lost their trust towards the current government. There have been so many bad unrevealed stories like KJ was in influence of the country, which driven to a lot of bad decisions made by AAB, and many more!

Lee Kuan Yew called him "THE RICHEST UNEMPLOYED"

When TDM was in power, there were no such things.

Well, of course, when TDM stepped down, AAB was all good in his eyes. He asked all UMNO members to give his full support to AAB, of which at that time i told myself, habislah Malaysia. Why? Adala...

Now that things has turned differently, I would do the same as TDM to ask him to step down. This time, rakyat has given a clear signal that AAB is not favoured as he was unable or not capable to solve a lot of issues, especially on the economic movements.

The past few days, Malaysia lost Pulau Batu Putih (Pedra Branca) to Singapore. Even though Malaysia regained the access to the Middle Rocks (they say it's a win-win situation or we have advantage over the Singapore), we still lose something that is ours.

What's the next 'Unfortunate Luck' (nasib malang) that we will face through?

I leave it to god. He knows what is best for the human beings.

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