May 1, 2008

Despite the fuel price hikes...

Shahrir Samad has brilliantly announced the plan to introduce RON 95 to be subsidized and RON 99 or higher, not to be subsidized, which was meant for high-end car with high end engines.

And I was wondering how brilliant is this smart new Minister to not to know that most BMW & Mercedesz engine will cater for RON92 and above. Some will be able to consume RON 88.

Recently, he was planning to introduce Diesel at the market price and the subsidy will only be given to public transports, especially the school buses to avoid parents paying high for their children school bus fares.

And I was again wondering where did this 'brilliant' new minister went to study economics.

Pandai kan?

Well, all the other transporters (like rice transporters, flour, sugar, all necessities) don't use Diesel kah? And even to transport the Diesel will also use Diesel! And what about small time business owners (especially the Malays) who depended on their Diesel small lorries or 4WD to carry on with their small business.

All the heavy machineries in constructions, fabrications, factory, mining, every bullshit are also using Diesel. Enough with the Iron price peakening, the rise of Cement price (which we produce but also being exported so that they can play with price?), how are we going to continue with all our construction projects with this kind of price hikes?

With Diesel increment, all other things will be increased too! Sugar, rice, flour, every single cost will increase, not only the Diesel bro! It's a chain reaction.

I would say every industry is relying heavily on Diesel. A single sen increase is already a big change in the whole economy cycle cost. They can simply ask the industry to absorb, absorb and absorb. I want to ask, what do you guys minister absorbed?

You can pay low for the school bus fares but at the same time pay higher for rice, flour and sugar. Not to say all the other necessities.

It's very frustrating to know that the country is depending too much on the income generated from the Petroleum business by the Petronas. Can't those 'brilliant' 'ministress' think of any other activities that could be economically benificial to the country? Come on!

Guess how much will the Petrol/Diesel price would be in the country if we don't have the oil & gas industry? We should be paying premium price for petroleum products because we own that petroleum. It's our country's so return them back to the country. Make sense right?

Malaysia has generated so much income from the Taxes of Luxury import cars. These luxury imports cars were imposed such crazy Road Tax fees.

Investors has been investing so much money in Malaysia, specifically in Cyberjaya. Yeah, for the MSC Status companies, they were tax-free for the first 5 years and they should have been paying high tax by now. Name it, HSBC, EDS, BMW, DHL, Microsoft and so many more. Their transactions made me shitted in my pant man!!! Their tax should be shitting all over the country right now!

Malaysia has been exporting Petroleum, Palm Oil, Rubber, Timber, Food, Cars (Not only Proton, Honda and a few brands which were locally assembled were also being exported) and so many other things. These are not income? And there are a lot a lot and a lot more things that generated income for the country.

LHDN has been able to collect more and more tax from year to year. This means nothing kah?

Why can't the government do something about the government expenses? Rather than increasing the pay for the government servants, why not let them do business? So that they can have extra income. Let them work efficiently from 8 to 4, no in between rest, meals and lunch provided and all go back on time. No overtime. They can also live healthier life by going to sports after work.

Rather than doing meetings/seminars/courses at the hotels (of which the participants don't really take them seriously) why can't you do it at your own expensive offices in Putrajaya? Save on travelling claims for petrol and tolls. Not to mention the Air Fare ticket claims!

What's the purpose of building the expensive offices if you can't make full use of it.

When there's a project that is related to technology, why can't the government opt for the cheaper local or asian solutions rather than expensive by the westerners brands?

Why can't the cabinet propose to cut off their salaries rather than to ask the people to cut off their expenses (like Najib did once). Why should the 'ministress' waste the government's money on fuel for having escorts everytime they're moving anywhere in the country? Why should they be given ways when there's a traffic jam?

Why can't they use the public transport like most of us do? Why can't they ride on the train everyday to work just like everyone of us do?

They've never experienced the people's hardship, right, so what do they do know about our hardships?

Why can't they ride on motorbike to work. Or drive a Proton BLM all by themselves to work? Just like other people is doing. Go park at the basement rather than parking at the building's car porch.

This will definitely saves a lot of money! Or maybe they can just ride a bicycle to work.

I notice that AAB's tummy is getting bigger. Maybe bicycle can help him on that.

The 'ministress' do not deserve all the facilities. They should provide all the facilities to people. They should be providing good life to the people, not for themselves. Those money they spent are not their effort at all. Those are people's effort. They only use them up, till dry and they only know to increase this and that.

What kind of leaders are those?

Come on. Bring more money to us. I think you guys are not as competitive as Dr. Mahathirlah. He brought in a lot of investors. Apara lu AAB. Cakap saja lebih. You went here and there in your RM200 million jet. Where are the investors that can pay higher tax to the country?

And further, UMNO should also lift the ban of the government Class 'A' officers to get involved in the politics. These people normally are highly respected people by the locals. And these officers are normally problem solvers. They can be good minister also.

Why at the first place AAB is discouraging the EGM pulak right now? Apa takut kah? If you're man enough, let them do it now. Face to face, put it live on TV! Call in Dr. Mahathir and face him there and then. Of course the talk about this matter never stop unless it is solved. This matter is clearly unsolved and need to solved ASAP!

As long as this matter is not solved, you cannot do anything with the country. People will not support you 'LAH!'

Sudah 'LAH'. You would never dare to do that 'LAH'. I'm very sure 'LAH'! Tulur kici 'LAH'.

* I've been super busy this week. Monday to Singapore, Tuesday to KL, Wednesday to Simpang Renggam, Thursday to Batam and on Friday (today) I'll be going to Singapore again, and at night I'll be going up to Seremban, Saturday to KL for photoshoot, and Sunday get back to JB. I'm getting really tired now.. Really I tell you...

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