May 12, 2008


It's been quite sometimes that I've not been on the Net, especially to sit on this blog, and do other regulars like friendster or facebook.

Just recently, i was hooked up with a game: Battle of the Bands, one of the facebook's game.

So I would like to call up you guys to join me in the game. Hehe..

Let's get it straight as I'll be busy again this week.

The demise of Tan Sri S.M. Nasimuddin was still being talked about by most of his friends and family members. During his funerals, I was so surprised to see his friends from all over the world came for his funerals.

People from Australia, South Africa, African Countries, Arab Saudi, US, UK, Korea, China and etc, came to the funeral and waited till the demised body of Tan Sri safely buried.

This is just a proof of how many people in the world that loved him while he was alive. In Malaysia only, almost 4000 people was and still working with him. Not to say in the Australia, the South Africa, and other countries of the world, of which each country's business is estimated to be much bigger that he already have in Malaysia.

I can see Datuk K as amongst the first to be seen. I also saw Muhammad Hassan of Negeri's Sembilan MB. Jamaluddin Jarjis was also there. A lot more. He's being loved, and even when he's gone, people would still love him.

As Tun came, I was so excited, as agreed by brother in law, we all missed him. I missed everything about him. I missed all his gestures when he was the prime minister. I missed to hear all his hopeful and announcements over the upcoming his plans for the country.

Tun said, Tan Sri is one of a kind that no one can ever reach or beat him in terms of achievement. He's such a SUPERMAN.

During the recital of Yasin verses, as I was looking at Tun, smiling at myself, remembering all the good things and funny things when he was there, all of a sudden, I saw his nose turning red and his tearsslowly running down his cheeks while holding himself from getting too sad.

I became touched myself and I just can't hold my tears from there on. I can feel all the love from all these people who were there to together walk him over his journey to the burial ground.

An Imam from Los Angeles assured Puan Sri of Tan Sri is a member of Jannah. There's a lot of God's greatness that has happened, especially to the demised body of Tan Sri himself, Subhanallah!

The prayer for the demised was lead by, if I'm not mistaken is the 23rd generation of Propher Muhammad S.A.W from Mecca. It's proving a fact that Tan Sri is someone who loves to contribute to the people. From there on, I told myself to do all the best in life, even though i know that I'm facing a lot of difficulties for the time being, when there's a will there's a way. I just want to be like him.

I've heard a boy asking his father, why there are so many people around. Why during his father's funeral, the people were not as this much.

The father wasn't able to say anything because he was full of tears there and then. I cannot hold myself there anymore too. Hmmm...


My daydreaming of thoughts was suddenly being truncated when everyone was ready to carry the demised body out of the mosque, we were stopped by some people. AH! It was Abdullah Badawi. See, even this time also he was late!

He's late for everything! Now people have to wait for him as we're actually been rushing as the body has been too long already.

Luckily he came. I don't see Najib anywhere there.

And I don't think I can see Najib anywhere there and then in the future of the country. Yesterday, Ku Li and Muhyiddin Yassin has voiced out their intention to race for the presidential and deputy presidential post of UMNO.

And only now Abdullah agreed on the extension of the age of retirement for the governmnet servant. Why now? That issue has been prolonged since last year. Why can't he agrees there and then?

Obvious that he's now trying to convince the people more than doing he was supposed to be doing.

Recorrect the economy!

So, as I can see it, Abdullah is already going off.

Najib is also 'KE LAUT' lah.


8th May was Noorsham's birthday. We bought him a cake and celebrated!

Naza, Noorsham, me and Anna Maria, from our wedding photographers team!

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