November 26, 2008

The official forbiddance of Yoga

When I talk to my parents about this, they seems to be not so interested in the issue as it has actually nothing to do with them. Yoga is just another crap.

Yoga, was originated by the Hindus as a way to strengthen their bind to the gods. They believe the unity to god state may allow them to delay ageing, reduce the diabetic risks, high blood pressure, asthma and cardiovascular related problems.

As I was referring to some readings, Yoga is actually a journey of which the goal or destination of Yoga is getting the Yoga State itself, union itself, of the little self and the True Self, a process of awakening to the preexisting union that is called Yoga.

Trough meditations, postures and moves, the whole yoga thing may lead you to a relaxing state, of which was claimed to be the state of unity to god, of which I, as a muslim doubt it so much.

From my understanding, the unity to god state, of which is actually the latent, unconscious state of mind can also be obtained through modern hypnotization, as it is just a state of brain reaction to relaxation.

Yoga has been misunderstood as a physical system with a spiritual components in it but actually, Yoga is a Spiritual system with a physical component!

To say that Majlis Fatwa has not done their study in this matter (or even stupid), is not fair, as the word or the concept of Yoga itself has been misinterpreted and misunderstood. Yoga is the whole system, just like a Proton Saga with it's engine. Without the engine, you are unable to get to your destinations. So Yoga without the postures exercise, you cannot get reach the Yoga state.

In this case, the postures, of which has been practised by the local Yoga practitioners of which should be more accurately addressed as Asana, is just a component of Yoga.

Does this mean that the Yoga practitioners themselves have been using the wrong term for what they've been practicing? It should be Asana, not YOGA dudessss!!!

So these modern yoga practitioners has actually brought some kind of misunderstandings through the misinterpretation by the people, and even the practitioners themselves. I think this is the cause that has brought to the banning of YOGA for muslims, of which I also support it. Yoga, as in definition, is the journey to unite with god.

These modern Yoga practitioners is actually practicing Asana.

So back to the so called Yoga practice in Malaysia.


Ninie, as one of the prominent figure of Yoga in the nation claimed that Yoga has brought her wellness since she was suffering from a lot of illness when she was young. She was not only getting well, she was then willing to share her experience by opening her own yoga center.

And tell you, she did it superbly well.

I myself used to attend a few Yoga sessions when I was still attending GYM. I loved it, especially when there's a lot of pretty creatures in the class. And I had my chance to flirt as much as I like.

The problem was, most of the time, I'm the only male.

So I wasn't so into it even though the cute trainer keep calling me to come to her class and she claimed that they missed my absence in the class.

I think they actually missed my stupid and dirty jokes. When I'm the only male in a place, I tend to speak uncontrollably, thus these pretty creatures keep laughing and laughing.

I don't think they actually laughed at my jokes. I think they laughed at me as I keep embarassing myself for not being able to do this and that, for saying 'adoi' and 'ouch' loudly and sweating like a pig at the end of the class.

But one thing for sure, me, the trainer and all my colleagues, never became a hindu. I'm still a muslim. I'm still practising some yoga postures for my concerned health.

I saw no religious element in that Yoga class. No manteras, tantras or any spiritual routines what so ever just postures and moves.


They claimed modern yoga has got nothing to do with the spiritual routine, of which I partly agreed but if they learn the whole thing of YOGA itself, the whole concept is already incorrect and not precise. Yoga has been commercialized just like satay goreng, of which original satay should be grilled, but when they created a fried version, they still call it satay. Even though, it's fried, it's still satay, and the main objective is the satay is to be eaten.

In this case, you cannot call your Yoga class as Yoga class, or Yoga studio, or call yourself a Yoga teacher as you're not going to reach that YOGA state anyway.

It seems like these Yoga practitioners may have not done their own research on what Yoga is all about. So, it's really not fair to blame the Majlis Fatwa for what they've been deciding, even though I think both parties (majlis fatwa & yoga practitioners) has not done their studies thoroughly.

It's not the time to stop your business now. It's time to change.

Instead of Yoga Studio, it should be ASANA Studio.

* I read somewhere that Yoga Studio in an oxymoron. Do people need a studio to unite with god? It doesn't make sense at all! Hahahahaha!!!!

** Bila masa singapore haramkan yoga?

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