November 17, 2008

Which petrol brand should suit you better?

Lazy to experiment, I had never tried other then Shell petrol. When it was still affordable, the V-Power has always been the only petrol going into my car's petrol tank but as we are paying higher petrol price that what we're supposed to be paying, I was only able to use the normal RON97 petrol.

Recently, my cousin had suggested me and my father to try out the BHP petrol. He claimed that his car performed better and saves more fuel while on the BHP infinity petrol.

I gave it a try and it turns out that BHP Infinity petrol gives a better mileage for town driving compared to Shell petrol. Anyway, for long distance high speed driving, it turns out to be not so lean. These are my findings based on RON 97 petrol, and was tried on my honda civic with 2 liter B series engine. I will also display my result with Esso/Mobil petrol as well. Those numbers are averaged from 3 results of each condition, a normal practice for any science experiment if you can remember it well.

Method of testing:

As I've been using Shell, I tested with Shell petrol first. As my petrol tank doesn't have the valve at the entering, i was able to fill in the petrol till it reach the tip and i immediately put the cap on. I reset the odometer to '0' and drive to each condition until it reaches 100 km and I look for another petrol and refueled till it reach the tip. There are 2 parameters should be taken into account.

1. The mileage from odometer
2. Amount of petrol being refilled.

For example, the mileage from the odometer reads at 123.2 km and the amount of petrol being refilled is let 14.8 liter. The formulae is

Fuel consumption = Mileage / petrol usage

so in this case is

Fuel Consumption = 123.2 km / 13.95 liter = 8.8315

I repeated this test 3 times to get the average for each driving condition (town, highway speed and high speed driving), as normally i would do it in JB for town driving, then go up to KL on the highway for highway speed and high speed driving test, and drive in KL for town driving again and go back down to JB again. I recorded all the results, divide by three and come out with these results.

Before trying out the other petrol brands, I will try to dry up my tank before refilling in for 3 times before I started out the test. I might not need to fill up my tank as 3 times of filling in other petrol after drying up is enough to ensure the left out of the other brands should have been totally replaced.

So here are the results!

Shell using the Premium RON97 petrol
BHP using the RON97 INFINITY
Esso/Mobil using the RON97 (purple one)

Town driving:

Shell : 8.8 km/liter
Esso/Mobil : 8.9 km/liter
BHP : 9.4 km/liter

Highway Driving @ 110 km/h:

Shell : 12.4 km/liter
Esso/Mobil : 11.8 km/liter
BHP : 11.9 km/liter

High speed driving @ 170 km/h and more (with VTEC on)

Shell : 9.8 km/liter
Esso/Mobil : 8.9 km/liter
BHP : 7.8 km/liter

Don't ask for other brands like caltex and especially petronas, as I've never get a decent mileage with petronas petrol for any kind of driving.

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