January 17, 2009

Happy New Year..!

I've gotta tell you that, exactly after a month since my last entry, I've had been figuring out of a lot of things to be jot down here but i've always have to make way for other things to be in place in order to let things run smoothly.

December has been quite an eventful month for me. A few weddings that has to be taken cared, with custom album as the final product, has almost tore me apart.

Earlier in December, a recruitment agency had called me up to push my resume to DHL of which I had just attended the interview yesterday and, as i thought so, surely I'm gonna meet Farok over there but he has gotta run by afternoon that he's not feeling well.

Just so fortunate, I went to the interview together with my super-junior of MMU, of which I do know him at all.

We went to the Friday Prayer together.

The shockest thing after all, was the demise of my granma last week, just before my trip to Jakarta. She had been sick since Januray the 3rd, for almost a week, and when I was about to leave to Johor on the 5th, I feel so unwell that I dun feel like leaving her alone in the hospital.

And I went back up to Seremban on the next Thursday, on the 8th January, arrived so late in the middle of the night that we decided not to drop by as it has been really late, and most importantly, my bro from Penang, is also around so I just can't wait to see him.

The next, I was awaken by my brother's voice, saying that my Granma has gone...

I was okay till the last moment, after she had been bathed and dressed up for burial, when everyone take a look at her for the last time, I was suddenly haunted by memories of myself talking to her whenever she feel like talking.

Alhamdulillah, she passed away on Friday, and safely buried next to my grandfather's.

The next day, I've gotta leave for Jakarta. And today I'm back to kampung for the kenduri of her 7th days of demise.

Al Fatihah..

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