January 23, 2009

No kidding, I'm 32 today...

Seriously, I was still thinking that I'm 25 and able to do a lot of things that a 25-year-old-male can do.

The real fact is, I can't.

When I was 25, I'd be able to play futsal without injuries. Nowadays, I'll injure either my ankle or feet or my toes every 2-3 games.

When I was 25, I was just 68kg. I used to be 83kg last few months but thank god I'm working to get reach at least the 70kg floor weight. I'm now 74kg. Thanx to B-FIT product, I lose 8 kgs in 3 weeks, healthily. NO medication just pooping like every 2 hours and cause your anus burnt.

Any one? Hehehe.. Tell you it works!

When I was 25, I would be able to drive 'macam setan' around KL, driving bumper to bumper, cilok here and there, and I can even outrun a police patrol on a motorbike on a busy Federeal Highways but nowadays, I was a few times get shocked of sudden braking even though the front car was still 100 feet away, as my age goes up, my guts goes down the drain.

When I was 25, i had a very hard headed mind and tough like a stone heart. Nowadays, I would simply cry just by the scene on TV, but you know what, even though I pity Palestine people, instead it causes me to become angrier as the surrounding Islamix country was not doing anything about it except for Iran.

Worse, I caught a fever two days back. My tonsil swollen and my whole body acheing. My back is terribly aching. I was suspecting myself to catch the fever in Jakarta, but that was almost a week plus ago.

I had a visit to the clinic just below my house yesterday and after swallowing some pills, I'm start to sweating.And I've got to take it every 8 hours to maintain this sweating state. Or else, I'll be getting my fever again.

A friend asked me to rest. I can't aford to rest. Time is driving me crazy. I'm left far behind everything.

Need to ketchup. Eh.. Catch up...

Anyway, I'd just like to thank everyone who wishes me by SMS, by phone call, by facebook (yeah most wishes were from facebook).

Thanks to this fever as it allows me to update this lonely blog again.


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