April 20, 2010

Malaysia & Broadband

I love Malaysia so much, so I do think that I have the right to be a lil upset. You should refer to my post http://life.izham-miyake.com/2009/10/aussie-firms-deterred-by-malaysias-slow.html which I put a newspaper link mentioning about a lot of Foreign Companies pulling out their investment, caused by our SLOW INTERNET!

More shocking! In China, they even have the 4 GB connection to home and they only pay RM60 equivalently. Confirmed by a friend who just went there last week.Isn't this good for expat who wanted to work from HOME?

Yes, we cannot compare to them in terms of density level but at least we should be at the same pace as they are now. 1MB compared to 1GB (like 1000x faster?), and running 1MB at a higher price (1GB@RM83 vs 1MB@RM99) is totally unacceptable.

Zid's comment/thought is a thought that will keep Malaysia left behind. Plus, the 1MB connection we pay is 'Best Effort' service, and I hope you guys understand what 'Best Effort' is, as mentioned in the Streamyx's SLA.

We keep comparing with the neighboring countries, but my question is, why should we compare to them as we claimed we are so much developed compared to them.

I tell you guys, Malaysia are so left behind at this point, compared to a few of our neighboring countries. Why? These are the facts:-

1. SG - 8Mbps - SGD65. ~ RM140
2. TH - 2 Mbps - THB1000 ~ RM100
3. PH - 12 Mbps - P5999 ~ RM432

SG can offer 8Mbps lower than the cheapest 4MB offer in Malaysia (RM160).

TH, which country is as big as Malaysia can offer, 2MBPs. almost the same price as our Streamyx RM99 1MB combo package. Not to mention what is the percentage of the availability Streamyx can offer?

PH, they can offer 12MBps?

Don't you think Malaysia should be at an UPPER level to PH/TH?

This is yet to compare with those in the UK. My sister is subscribing to a 10Mbps broadband, packaged with a phone line and TV cable, at a price of GBP5 ~ RM30 only.

My Brother in Russia, using a 8Mbps line paying for only RM70 a month. Russia is not densed as HK right?

If we keep giving EXCUSES on things, this 'TIDAK APA' attitude will get Malaysia left so behind in the next 10 years. Believe me guys.

The worst is, I've been applying land phone line for my house since July last year. Until today, my home is still not wired. Even SKMM gave me empty promises. Any of you guys can help?

1 comment:

tqa.awesome said...

120% agree with you :D

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