June 2, 2010

Retail Snow Leopard on my desktop

Finally, after buying the Snow Leopard installation CD for quite sometimes (I think I bought it last year), only now that I managed to get it installed to a PC and get it fully running. Tried with so many methods, then I decided to buy an almost compatible to Apple setup CPU.

The spec of the newly bought PC is as below:

  • Intel Quad Core 8300 2.5GHz Processor

  • Gigabyte GA EP43-UD3L motherboard bought from Lowyat

  • MSI n9500 GT 1GB PCIe Display Card

  • 8GB RAM

  • 1 TB HDD
  • I first tried the Kakewalk Installation method which is pretty easy to be done but I have to choose the GA EP45-UD3L method instead as it doesn't have any support for EP43-UD3L, so that was the closest I can pick. The installation was easy, except that the display card didn't work Out Of the Box (OOB), of which I have to use lookup for the nvflash utility, setup a bootable Dos USB flash and run the nvflash to get the ROM file. The using the OSx86 tools to inject the EFI string using the NVCAP string obtained from the nvflash utility.

    Unluckily, my sound card is not as advertised in the website, which is reported to be using the ALC 888 codec. Mine was using the ALC1200. Using Kakewalk installation method, it was kind of messing up with my HDA kexts and installing the Kext for ALC1200 downloaded from the Internet was not a success.

    Then I tried using the Snow Boot Loader installation Method. Good thing was:

  • Display work OOB. Even though I have to change the resolution, it goes blank blue and I restarted. It goes well after that.

  • ALC 1200 was installed with success. It works like a charm!
  • But I'm not pretty sure whether it is running in 64 bit or otherwise. I will have to check.

    Will put a snapshot in the next post. Cheers :)

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