June 25, 2010

The government is desperate

It is about the summon this time. This really hit me.

I was able to renew my Car's Road Tax for the past 2 years (2008 & 2009) with no fail. All of a sudden, this year, I was unable to renew my road tax due to a blacklisted summon dated 14 February 2008, of which I didn't even knew about it at all.

As per my understanding, once you're stopped by the police/JPJ and given the summon by hand, and the summon was signed by you, and if you didn't settle it in the next 3 months, then only you get blacklisted.

This summon was not even notified to me, by anyone, and if I even knew about it, I am eligible to get a trial as well. I think, it is the responsibility of the police team to hunt for the people who made the offense and nowadays, tracking people are just at your fingertips.

I was worried if actually someone else used my car plate number as there was once a car with my plate number was reported to bang a lorry in Klang but my car was actually being repaired in a workshop in JB and never been out during that accident period. I've got a summon and was called for investigation but after lodging a police report, the police officer told me not surrender myself as the letter from the workshop is good enough to prove my innocence.

So it might be someone else's fault. But back in 2008? Then I was supposed to be unable to renew my road tax in that year itself!!!

That sounds like I was found guilty without me knowing about it. That is cruel!

How does it feel like when all of a sudden you get a slap a your face and told, that's for trying to court my wife, but you didn't even know the wife?


tqa.awesome said...

my dad also confronted the same problem ..on his birthday.
he had to pay RM300 for the summon that he doesn't know.

Izham Miyake said...

hahaha.. itulah.. suka suki aje kan?

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