July 15, 2010

One of the scariest moments of my life.

The plane touched down at changi airport around 11 AM++ and while exiting, my wife truly enjoyed what she was seeing there.

Being not the first time there (been to Terminal 2 & 3), I wouldn't mind to spend a few minutes (or even hours) to wander around at the Changi airport, especially you know, the airport provided PC to access the internet for FREE! I tell you, she was like so amazed that she asked me to take pictures of her, at any point of time she liked something and want to be in a picture with it.

After the immigration and claimed our luggage out, we walked around again just to see what do they have in here. Then we see that DHL ads. She insisted me to take picture with the Ad. I took off my camera bag, posed and smiled, as you see above.

Then we walked away looking for other spots.


I realized that I have forgotten my camera bag and looking around for it. I was almost forgotten where did I put my camera bag. As I looked into my pictures in the camera, I remembered the place she took my picture with the Ad. We when there and...

Luckily, it was still there! Phewh! Good singaporeans. It was still there in tact, untouched. There was someone there as well but he seems not to be giving attention towards the bag.

HAHAHA. How relieved I am!

So we proceed to the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal just to find out that we had just missed the earliest Ferry we should be catching. Hahaha.

The next Ferry is 5 hours after! We were supposed to catch the earlier ferry as we were planning to go fishing.

Wifey blamed herself for being too 'Jakun' at the airport. hehehe.

* This is my 600th post on this blog! :)


tiub beskal said...

next time amik gambar kover perut buleh dak?

Izham Miyake said...

dah cover la tu.. hahaha

nina~syazna said...

abang izham...

Izham Miyake said...

hi mas.. apa khabar?

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