August 21, 2008

Getting annoyed...

I'm very annoyed when someone asked me to call him/her back if they have something to talk to me; and even when I heard someone else doing it also, I would be getting very annoyed.

Being a homer, I seldom went out to town and seldom see other people too. So I would always end up got nothing to say in this blog. When I go out, I would either do my job, see partners, go back to kampung or jalan-jalan; of which rather as boring as it repeats by itself over and over again. Yeah, that's what I do my entire life.

Today, I intend to go out for some missions;
1. to claim the fuel subsidy for my car
2. to get a bus ticket to go back to seremban
3. to submit photos for printing
4. to get a new bag for my camera

and lastly to get some munchies to help me ease myself while doing my work at home.

Things went well for mission 1 and amazingly there are still tickets for my mission 2 while people were still busy talking about how the 'ulat tiket' manipulated the ticket price. I managed to settle mission 3 but mission 4 as there's no bag that I wanted so much.

So, I went to the supermarket to grab things I wanted, but you know, men would never fail to be amazed by some hot ladies while shopping.

And this time, it's a mom with 2 kids!

In my amazeness, I keep on walking 2-3 times in front of her as I can't believe it that she looks so young! She's so pretty that I think there's no men wouldn't take a second turn to look at her. So it wasn't me alone.

Not wasting my time, even though there's a hot someone around, I need to rush back home as I'm also buying an ice-cream. I was looking for an express cashier but it was unavailable, then when I was about to reach the cashier queue, I saw that pretty lady with her 2 kids again, mesmerized by her, I just walk to any cashier queue without looking.

I was waken up from my mesmerization when a trolley hit me from behind and as I took a look at the person behind me, I just realized that I was in the wrong lane. Wrong in the sense that;

there are two customers in front of me, one lady with a full load trolley and behind her was an uncle with 2 full load trolley. OMG. Really..

I was looking around for a shorter queue but it seems like my queue was the shortest queue. There's no other queue to go so I decided to stick with it.

I'm beginning to get annoyed when the lady with that one full load trolley started to call her friend; asking the friend to call her back. I guess the friend asked her why when she said, 'because i need you to come over here as I didn't bring enough cash to pay the groceries'.


Luckily the friend she called turned up quite soon. The wait started as the uncle got his turn. He bought so many things, at least 3 units for each item. And he complains for everything that he doesn't like. Complain this, complain that, in a very annoying way. I waited, I waited, I waited, I waited ...................................


Yeah, 15 mins already gone. The other queues are getting so much longer than I can't imagine. I was started to think that it might be a wrong day for a small purchaser like me to go shopping!

When I was about to reach my turn, I took a look at the cashier's display. The uncle is gonna pay for an amount of RM1877.45. Must be a singaporean buying a stock for a month!

As I was about to pay my groceries, I asked..

"Dekat setengah jam saya beratur, boleh tukarkan ais krim saya tak? Cair dah pun"

The faggot cashier answered, "Dah bayar tak boleh tukar bhang... "

Geli aku..

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