August 31, 2008


Nak poyo sikit boleh tak? Hehehehe...

As i was browsing through my old albums, I stumbled upon an album of my band, playing in the jamming studio back in 1995.

It was way formed 14 years ago, back in the end of 1994, after I finished my SPM exams. I was 17, who only knows how to play Acoustic Guitar, together with my brother, Ikhwan, who knows nothing, we went jamming. I only know some Metallica & G`n`R songs, plus some from Wings.

I do think we sound stupid, Ikhwan played the drums without knowing how to synchronize himself, but he improves from time to time. That picture was among those pictures we took back in 1995, Ikhwan in action. We managed to get the idea how to play the drums when we just came back from Umrah, back in 1995. Hahaha.. ada ke macam tu... but it's true!

We teamed up with a lot of people, to get ourselves a good bass player, until one day, my brother has just came back from 'Khemah Ibadat' and introduced me someone he met there.. Kimi... and he became our bass player for years, until today. Bayangkan pegi khemah ibadat, orang nak suruh beribadat, ini tak, pegi carik bass player... Hahaha.. Ikhwan ikhwan...

After 14 years, my brother Izzat has also grown up and in 2 years, i inherited him all that I have learnt in 15 years and he's a better guitar player than myself. Salute. He's now one of our band members since he plays better than myself. Saya tunggu masa aje untuk ditendang keluar.. hahaha.. :p

We still keep on playing the same songs, Metallicas and G`n`Rs. I do compose my own song but we've got no time to sit together to practice, as Ikhwan in Penang, Kimi in Serembn, myself in JB and Izzat in Russia.

Not to mention the latest addition to the band who is Hafiizh, my cousin who will be on the vocals, who is living in Melaka.

One band lives apart huh?

I have uploaded some songs, you know, just for the sake of having something to remember, am getting older, and being able to play music was one of my dream when I was small, all was self taught, self initiation and I'm really proud of it.

I dedicated a profile for my band at I'm adding more songs into it. I regret that I lost one of our demo, the only demo tape that we used to have. Last time, there's no technology like we have nowadays and analogous tape was prone to damage and loss.

Long live M.O.S.H.. hehehe (poyo)

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