August 15, 2008

Uplifting Wedding Photography

Natural light photography is something that everyone must master in order to become a good photographer but as the time went by, most photographers would love to be able to play and control with lights.

I would love to produce such a high quality picture through out all of my photography works and it was an honour when they say, "Gambar macam magazinelah!!!"

Something that is rarely being done, I've experimented Nikon CLS application with outdoor wedding photography. We would normally see people play with 1 or 2 light sources but I used 3 to 4 this time, and it's done outdoor!

That's the clear advantage of flash photography over studio lighting, where it's much cheaper, more versatile and mobile.

Credit to Ayu Surya for allowing me to post her wedding pictures into my blogs, website and forums.

For a complete gallery of her wedding pictures, please visit Ayu Surya & Saiful Gallery on my website.

p/s :: The oil price is definitely going down. I bet it will get as low as below USD80 per barrel.

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