June 17, 2009

Bloodstained surgical gloves in pillows?

As reported in China Press yesterday, a pillow which was bought at a promotional price of slightly over RM10.00 from a hypermarket was producing a fishy smell.

Suspecting it was caused by the buyer's child's urine on the pillow, it was later found that the pillow also had a lump.

Being more curious, she operated it and found a lot of recycled materials, includes a bloodstained surgical gloves!

Who is to be blamed actually; The Manufacturer or the Seller?

I'd like to quote my wife saying, "Harga Tidak Pernah Menipu".

I have always been comparing prices when buying things from the supermarkets. There are expensive supermarkets and there are actually cheaper supermarkets. I think you guys knew which is cheaper and which is more expensive.

I'm a regular user of Downy, the cloth softener. When it was first introduced, I find it very nice. The liquid was thick and a little consumption is enough.

After a while, I went to the hypermarket which advertise cheaper price for Downy and buy another bottle to top up my finished bottle at home.

When I opened it, how surprised I was to find the liquid was very thin, seems like it has been added with water or something else.

So I thought the manufacturer did that on purpose to attract customers at initial stage and sell lower quality product in the end, but when I went to the shop that I initially bought Downy with a slightly higher price, the quality as same as the first time I bought it.

I keep buying it from the shop which sells it slightly more expensive in price since then.

Not jumping into conclusion right here, but is there a possibility that these hypermarkets are able to sell a lot cheaper by reprocessing other manufacturer's product and try to make it cheaper by putting in something else into the product?

No wonder they can sell a lot cheaper huh?

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