June 9, 2009

Time to fire back...!

I'm getting really emotional for the last few days.

All this while, I was in doubt that the Kelantanese Sultanate family would do such a horrible things towards Manohara, the materialistic girl from Jakarta.

I keep am telling that to my wife.

Manohara's mother, claimed that her daughter was suffering from tortures from the husband, who happened to be related to the Kelantanese Sultanate family. Not only that, she told the media that she was disallowed to see her own daughter and was stopped by the Royal Family to come to see her daughter.

All sort of tortures, was being told to the media. Siapa tak kesian?

Worse, Indonesians were like losing their mind and started to despise the Malaysian Govt for sitting still on the issue. Indonesian Media were getting so emotional, and the news were not only being published in the gossip programmes, it has even been the focus on the prime news.

Indonesian Media, as we all know, will always bash the Malaysian govt for every issues, especially those with regards to their people in this country.

This time, they have gone overboard, by insulting the Sultanate family, the Malaysian govt and hurting the feeling of Malaysians, by raising the anger of the Indonesian people with this false news of incidents of Manohara being abused.

Indonesian people had been cursing and swearing the Malaysians for remaining in silence on Manohara's abusal. Later on, they relate the ol same ol same stories like Nirmala Bonat and so on. Malaysia has never been kind to them.

Worse, the thing that I hate most is, when my wife's friends/relatives jokingly warn her to be careful not to be treated like how Manohara is getting from the Royal family. I knew, as they openly put these remarks on my wife's facebook wall. What are they thinking?

Even though they're joking, it reflects how they actually look upon us.

In the earlier stage of my relationship with my wife, all her friends and relatives were giving negative comments like, 'Koq nanti dijadiin Tekawe (TKW)', 'Orang Malay itu bisa dipercaya ngga?','Tau kan, kenapa Malaysia dipanggil Malingsia? Ga usahlah...' and so many other bad remarks, not about me, but about Malaysians in general.

FYI, TKW means 'Tenaga Kerja Wanita'. Maling means, pencurik.

And some of those bad remarks even came from her own close aunt's mouth. Her officemates repeatedly giving her free consultation at her desks over the decision to marry me. Her siblings giving cynical remarks like, 'Kalau mau kawin tu tak apa, tapi jangan dengan orang yang di seberang tu. Tah betul tah tidak orang Malaysia ni..'

It shows, how bad they thought of us Malaysians.

Well, I cannot blame them as it was actually the Media plays the big role in actually spreading out the false information on us Malaysians. Sometimes, i was wondering, do they use common sense while writing out false & sensitive issues & information, especially on the neighboring countries like Malaysian? Do they need to be bribed not to foul-mouth Malaysians? Come on Indonesia!!!

Indonesians in Malaysia gave us more headache by indulging in more and more troubles, day by day, with all kind of methods. Robberies, pukau, rape and so many more cases ever, but have we ever bad mouth the Indonesian Govt? Or it's people?


Because we have common sense. We know, devillish act is by individual, not by the govt, or not by community.

Does that means that the Indonesian Media do not have common sense? I'm sure they'll be incredibly mad on this comment but have they ever, thought for a minute before actually write something that will actually hurt other people's feeling?

Di manakah otak mereka pada waktu ketika itu? Adakah otak mereka di lutut?

Now, Manohara successfully escaped from the Kelantanese Royal family and managed to get back home with her mom. They are doing TV shows, on that issues.

But, Manohara refused to go for checkups, and refused questioning by the police.

It seems like Manohara is trying to hide something isn't she?

Now, Indonesian Media malu sendiri. Rakyat Indonesia juga kini malu sendiri setelah puas mengutuk Malaysia sewenang2nya.

This is just about some people getting married. Manohara may want to kikis duit Tengku Fakhry only.


Only god knows the truth.

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