June 8, 2009


It seems like everyone is into photography right now. I have a nephew from far cousin who has just started working, who also just bought a Sony DSLR (which was not so wise decision though).

He also has a younger brother, who had just finished schooling with quite a knowledge of photography. As yesterday I was attending a relative's wedding in Kota Tinggi Johor, I met with these people and amazed with their interest.

It seems like DSLR is no longer being alienated like last time. Gadget people look at it as a necessity. With the latest development of which the Camera manufacturers started to release cheap cameras, everyone may now claim themselves a photography photographers.

And these people started to sell their services cheaply.

And for some people, who will just say yes for as long as they can have a set of pictures for their wedding, they will sign up the cheap photography package with these people.

Even though these people have less or very minimal knowledge on the wedding photography, given Adobe photoshop and all those tools, they're now a wedding photographer already.

Photographers like me will lose so many jobs, but it's okay. I'm fine with that but price would not lie to you. You'll be getting what you're paying.

And I've heard some elder photographers was complaining about other Top photographers who were charging so much but their picture is not that favourable to him.

Photography likings is very personal. As for myself, I'd prefer pictures with the elements that strengthen the image. There are so many, but as long s the picture is fine, nice to the eyes and very the soothing, it's acceptable and as long as the Art value is there, it's still a nice image.

People always asked me about editing. I always tell them, editing is not necessary if you've already a very good job with your camera. Sharpening is not needed as blur will also gives you some sense of art if it was done tactically.

First things first, if you really into photography, the easiest way to learn is to look in the forums. Or buy books.

But camera techniques, is something you have to learn in person. You can either go to Nikonian Academy or any personal photographers for it; given if you're lucky enough.

Good, nice & friendly forum would be photomalaysia.com but less good pictures there. Shutterasia would be flooded with a lot of nice and pro-looking images but beware of the people; they're not so friendly especially the moderators!

Well, photography is still, very abstract! It lies in the eye of the beholder.

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