April 26, 2006

A few things that I have in mind..

Back in these few days, i was boggled by a few things in my mind. That's why sometime I tend to write long post, it's mainly because i have problem pouring out all the ideas. Too bad isn't it.

Since the last post was long, I think this post should be shorter. What about in the point form? I have some resolutions for Gubra. My very own resolution..

  • We should see Gubra as a messenger. Why? Gubra is definitely a movie that's portraying the reality of the people in Malaysia, but I'm to agree that exaggeration exist at certain level. For example, the paying RM300 to a whore is such a waste, furthermore in the kampung area.

  • People has been questioning the way the muazzin and his wife confronting their neighbours, who happened to be the whore.
    First, they are neighbouring muslims. Islam has taught muslim to be good with the neighbours no matter who they are, what religion and so on.

    Second, Islam is a tolerating religion. Remember, not to be specific but there was once, a lady who admitted adultery to Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, but our beloved prophet asked her to Taubah and go away. Muazzin and wife, I believe may have done the best to revert both of the whores to the right path, but slowly. They know that both may have to do it for some reason.

    Third, Islam is a religion by example. Both Muazzin and her wife has been doing a very good job by showing both whores a very good example. It works :) The boy's mother wanted to get back to the right path, even though after she has got into a disease, it's still, the door of Taubah would still be opened. Allah the Most Merciful. Not like some other whores, even after getting a disease, not only they felt sorry, they even tend to spread it all over. So bad! And because Allah is so merciful, you'll see why those arabs will keep on crying by the kaa'ba day by day. They do bad things and just return to kaa'ba crying for their sins. Believe me!
  • I would strongly condemn those who force people to do kindness. Kindness should come sincerely from heart. By the way, we shouldn't also let people to do bad things. I don't know, but this is what Gubra might be conveying to us. Why does all these were still happening? We enforced law. We caught people, nailed them but they were still doing it. Why is that?

  • For me, the biggest issue was the Muazzin, wife and neighbours. Shame to those who make the loveliness of Pak Atan and wife as an issue as their marriage were not as happy as them. I think it's normal to joke about penis in the public, i guess most people do, unless you have small penis. I read somewhere that only those with small penis refuse to joke about it. Maybe? Haha..

  • The rest, it's the reality of life with exaggerations. Come on, we exaggerate all the time. Who don't?

The Bridge

It has become a lame issue. I'm sad that we're losing on our own ground. Wonder why?

  • We've been well informed that the reason why the bridge project was cancelled; caused by the ridiculous singapore's request of sands and airspace. Why?

    From The Star, 25 December, 2004,“Singapore Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong said after a meeting with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in Putrajaya on Dec 13 that the Malaysian Government would consider allowing Singapore Air Force (SAF) jets to use Malaysian airspace for training.”

    Who was in charge back then? So now, no wonder why they asked for the airspace.

  • The sand? Yeah we used to sell as they were to continue their project with the Changi Airport but that was avery long time ago and the amount was very little. Malaysia has banned the selling and Singapore just want it to be unbanned. They want 50 million m3 amount of sand a year in 50 years. Why?

    With that amount of sand they can enlarge their territory by 315 km2, which can cover the whole water area from the east northern part of singapore up to Ubin and Tekong Island as you can refer to the picture above.

  • Because of these two things, we lose everything. Do u feel like blaming someone? I guess you will, after reading this post. You can always refer to Mahathir's Open Letter and A Kadir's Blog for further information on this.

  • Implications:
    1. We cannot further improve/enhance/develop Pasir Gudang Port and Tanjung Pelepas port to replace Singapore's port>
    2. Congestion at Johot Causeway
    3. Loss of money due to the project cancellation. Then, you know what? Maybe later when the congestion is too bad, maybe Singapore will opt for the bridge once again. Then new contractor will be appointed. I told you, i told you!!!! (refer to my previous post about the theories)
    4. Shame on us! Bigger country than singapore but no balls! Eh, sorry, just the leaders.
This took me almost the whole night to write about it. This is so mind boggling!

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