April 13, 2006

Malaysian Dreams Would Never Became True.

I was lost for about a week or two. Wasn't really updating myself on what's going on locally or globally. I have this kind of laziness at my back. It sits on me and pushed me off to bed everytime I wanted to do just anything.

Eh guys, have u noticed my picture on the local newspapers? Last week I guess. One on Thursday, one on Friday and the last one on Saturday. The best thing was, on Saturday, My Father was on the newspaper too.

On recent updates, the Causeway Bridge from JB to Singkapoh (or should I write it as Singkepoh?) has been officially cancelled.

We may have heard,

"Rumah dah siap tapi tukul dok berbunyik"

(House has been completely build but the work is still goin on)

That actually has got nothing to do with this issue. It's just a matter of promoting the Malay Proverb.

Singkepoh has been such a nasty neighbour to us, Malaysia. Imagine they have benefited so much from the Water Supply treaty, that was done back in 1963, when Singkepoh was officially 'Let-Go' by Malaysia. Even Malacca paid a much higher price for water when they bought it from Johor.

Singkepoh has benifited so much from this win-lose relationship. Of course Malaysia is on the lose side. They even tried to claim Pulau Batu Putih. For me it doesn't really matter, it just that the island is so much of a strategic location to eye on the sea traffic.

The fact that Pasir Gudang port and Tanjung Pelepas port is going to emerge is something that Singkepoh is so afraid to accept and to face on. The main objective of the new bridge is to let the water flow freely between the left side and the right side of the Causeway.

Beside that, the bridge would be equipped with the mechanism to lift both side to let the ship to pass through. What do thise kiasu Singkepoh feel then? They are scared to death man! Then no ship is ever going to park at their ports. They may choose either Tanjung Pelepas or Pasir Gudang port. Much cheaper and shorten their journey as well.

Do you know that Singkepoh has been processing the water they bought from Johor and sell it back to Johor with a much ridiculously highr price? Takpe takpe (nvm nvm). Wait till the end of the water treaty in 2011. If I am the PM now, sharp at 1 January 2011, I'll arrange a special ceremony to shutdown the water piping that has been supplying the water to Singkepoh all this while and destroy it.

They want water? Go and buy from Indonesia la. You have money right? Kepoh la lu.

We just want to build a bridge. You asked for our sand and airspace. What the f*ck.

The railway and the pipe can be built right? If we can build a bridge, what's the problem with the pipe and railway? I don't get it.

If Malaysia continue to supply them water after 2011, that Prime Minister is stupid.

But deeply in my heart, i have this feeling that the current PM is tired of negotiating. We have been losing a lot all this while.

Singkepoh has been reported to steal sands from a lot of malaysian seashore spots. How true is that? I'm not sure. But they seems to be growing their land day by day.

I'll just wait for 2011. If anyone happen to read my suggestion on the year of 2011 and able to tell to the PM, please la tell.

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