April 17, 2006

A rockful weekend...!

My last weekend started at Thursday Night.

Even though my last week's b iz transaction was not as good, I was very happy as i have visitors.


I said VISITORS! Pronounced as VEE-ZEE-TERS.

A friend came down on thursday night and stayed until saturday. On Saturday itself, a school mate is getting married in JB and a bunch of ex-schoolmate has made their marvellous plan to come down to JB for the wedding ceremony. They called it, "Rancangan Jahat" (A crime plan). Why? Because at first they wanted to enjoy their bachelor night but you know, wife's always comes first.

The first person I saw was Ucuk, then i headed myself to their 'lepak' area and the first thing I heard from Jiman was,

"Kau ni buat pembedahan plastik ke apa?"

(Did u went on a plastic surgery?)

Why? Hehehe. Jiman said that I'm not ageing. I guess that something had gone wrong with his eyes.

I was so happy to see them. Kili, Sam, Jiman, Baguk, Fakaruddin, Ucuk, Hasid, Mahyuzie and Fadzil, and not to forget Ijat.

From Left, Back: Sam, Ucuk, Me and Jiman. Front: Baguk, Fakaruddin, Kili and Hasid. (Not in the picture Mahyuzie & Fadzil)

I would say these people (including me) were the wanted faces, except for Baguk & Hasid. Kili was my guitar sparring mate. Anytime he knew a new song he'll teach me and vice versa. Ucuk was the Cadet Sargeant, Sam was among the '6 Jahanam' (the cursed 6), Fakaruddin was the one who was always high. Me? The first to be known smoking in my batch, that when I was just 13. Ijat? Also in the 6 Jahanam.

After the wedding, all of them, except for Fadzil and Mahyuzie headed to my house and spent about an hour or two there before going back. Then I sent my friend to the bus station heading to KL as well.

This is rockin' good, fellas..!

I slept like a baby that night that I slept too long that I woke up at 12.30 on the next day. That I watched TV, worked out at the gym and went out to the Landmark Mall for the Guitar Workshop with Sham Kamikaze! He's damn kewl. He's fast. He's just really into guitar, he can make the guitar talk for him. I could see a guitar god when he showed his stuff during the workshop that I think i was drooling with my mouth wide open!

End of the workshop, I stood up and walked towards him while he walked towards me, helding up his right hand to shake my hand and say,

"Macam pernah jumpalah, awak ni orang KL ye?"

(I think i've seen u somewhere before, are u from KL?)

I was just laughing and say maybe! The crowd was crazy for him. There was even a pregnant mom rushing to get his signature on her blouse! I did not know that women were crazy at him as well. I waited till everyone had done their business with him and slowly i approached him to ask him a few tips on playing guitar. He again asked me have I ever be in the show business, because my face seems to be very very familiar to him, as he was trying to recalling something everytime he saw me. I also wonder, because I don't know. That was my first time seeing him in person btu I just get into the flow and saying maybe we've met in KL. That's it.

Then I headed to the concert, it was boring until a boy shoed his skill on the drums and that was the band with a gurl singer. It was kewl, except for the guitarist that was overly unnecessarily showed some stupid acts. Than the Metal band with a quite kewl lead guitar, a chinese band, The Sam Mega band, Rosli of Sweet Charity band and that was the climax of the concert.

In their last song, they played deep purple's smoke in the water, with all 3 guitarist, Sham, Sam and Rosli played together and really rocked up the stage.

I was really bad for being forgetful. It's has always been like that. I always forgotten to bring my camera, but still, I really enjoyed this weekend. I wish they'll do again again some other time!

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