April 24, 2006

Nationally people were talking...

The demise of Tun Abdul Ghafar Baba is a big lost, but i still wonder why the MCA keep on celebrating his birthday every year as it appears on TV today. Well, I myself would like to express my gratitude towards him, as someone who I respect, someone who continue work for the party that I doubt would actually work for the folks even though i know that his intention was decent. Only him.

As we all know, the planned bridge from Johor Bahru to Singapore construction was cancelled due to the unreasonably ridiculous requests from the Singapore from Malaysia; which were the sands and the air space. As we all know, Malaysia had also been supplying them water directly, but indirectly Malaysia had been supplying them a lot of things. Smuggled items, groceries, fuel and labours. Would they be able to survive without all these?

We'll see it later, once the water treaty ended in 2011.

I'm sure most of us know what would happened once the bridge is built. The water from both side of the causeway will flow nicely. That is also a signage of the new routing of the shipping companies from east to west and vice versa. The journey will be cut short with the new route. No more ship will dropped by to singapore for trade.

That's why they asked for sands. They would bunch up the sand around their territory so that the ship won't be able to pass thru the tebrau straits. So bad isn't it.

And they asked for the air space because they wouldn't dare to pass through indonesians space. Malaysians are very kind you see. We won't shoot them down even though sometimes they 'accidentally' breached our space. That's why they were mean enough to ask the air space from us.

The latest talking at the back was the movie Gubra and Sepet. It was seen so big that they even had a debate on the TV which I missed to watch it. Anyone watch it will you please jot some review about the forum/debate?

I've heard a lot of bad things were said about Gubra and Sepet in that debate/forum. Do they even debated about it in the Parliament? Gosh. Those in the parliament maybe doesn;t have other things to do also. They are supposed to be taking care of the people instead of questioning an art work, which I think they are not even to appreciate. Come on, Yasmin Ahmad's work has been internationally recognized, but our own country is denying the fact that what a good job she has been doing.

I'm afraid that she has been she had been sexually discriminated, especially of her sexual status that I myself doubted. Furthermore she is new, not that new in the advertising thingy but still very new to the movie scenery. Let us not talk about it. It's quite personal, I don't care if people would say that I'm a gay but I don't know how would i take it if someone discussed about why and how I'd be a gay. Hehe. I'm not a gay anyway.

For me myself, I would think that Gubra is a HONEST movie, which can drive the audience to think about the messages, but Yasmin Ahmad has already warned us to not to think much about just consume it first.

I did my consuming job very well and it has made me think of some little-little things that maybe some other reviews/critics has not put into consideration. I was more interested in the dog ya know, but not the issue of the part of that Muazzin petting the dog, as for me, it's not only noble of him to care of that crippled dog, it's okay to pet the dog like that. Come on, if happens that the dog licked him, he would still be able to do 'Samak' so it shouldn't be the main issue.

Most people take it seriously. Nothing big about that. Yasmin is not only trying to educate us of what actually we would be able to do, it's the norms. Good norms that everyone of us should have.

I remembered, a whore is promised a place in heaven, just to give a sick dog a piece of bread, but we always have forgotten that. A WHORE, not a noble!

Well, that's not my point.

I wondered about the scene when he pet the dog, when he was about to leave, he shouted to the dog 'Malam esok! Malam esok!' (tomorrow night 2x). WHat was he trying to do. It was like he's promising something to the dog. I wonder what kind of connection he has with that dog that, in the scene that Khir taken the money of the older prostitue (played by Rozie Rashid), the Muazzin did a hard tackle to Khir, put something in his pocket and let him off.

Once Khir reached a farther place, he realized of the thing (it looks like stone, incense maybe) in his back pocket and threw it away. If you can remember, as he threw the thing away, the dog howled/barked and the Muazzin appeared all of a sudden.

Based on my mystical readings, years ago, the Muazzin may have reached a level of being able to go anywhere through the air, or maybe he had turned to a dog before he followed Khir, I don't know. Did u guys wondered about this?

Furthermore, the issue of the Chinese who was hooked to eating pork even though he was in the hospital, again has been a big issue. Not to mention the scene where a patient of the hospital showed his bare back. Even the last part where everyone is praying in their very own way/religion was also an issue. Come on! In Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, the daughter of Shah Rukh Khan be both Muslim and Hindu, but no one questioned about it, we Malaysia still love it. That's more motiveless. What are they trying to convey? You can turn to any religion whenever you like? At least we're putting it that everyone of them sticked to their religion, what ever happen.

Some is reality, but some may have not. The 'some's that may have not is maybe something Yasmin is dreaming to have. We know that in actual, in out real life, it's pretty hard to get that harmonious connections between the differing races. We may have heard about how UMNO Youth viciously went to see an MCA leader just for something wrong he has mistakenly said.

I even told you guys before that they were these group of old folks, 1 Malay, 1 Indian and 2 Chinese, even though they keep cursing/make fun of each other, but they love each other so much! It's a reality that Yasmin should have brought up. I'm sure the audience will further think that is more unacceptable. Why? They make fun of each other's GOD. But they are true friends till the end of their life.

I'm sure that would be a big issue. Why when a Malaysian do something like that, we would say NO, but not when the westerners did it?

Another illogical thing were, when Alan did not wear his shirt around the hospital, and Amani wore Alan's father dresses goin out with Alan. Furthermore, standing at the behind of the truck is prohibited by Law. That's the reality that Yasmin has forgotten to slip in. Dangerous. Maybe Yasmin should do it like, when Amani stood in that behind of truck, Alan accidentally stepped on the break, and Amani was thrown away and die. Hehe. That would be interesting. Maybe later, when Yasmin wants to kill her character in the next sequels.

Another unsupposedly thing to happen in my mind was when Alan took Amani back to her room. Is that all happened? Haha. Amani in the first place, as a Muslim and a wife who hates her husband to cheat behind her back, should have actually avoided following Alan to his room, unless he had been wanting something from Alan, and you know, when Alan especially keep boasting about how big his 'thing' is. Maybe when Amani was frustrated about her husband, he followed Alan, but following someone back to his room has a normally different kind of follow ups.

And I don't like the scene where that sick old malay chap who speak Malay with the Chinese dialect. Yasmin should teach our people to speak a proper Malay. It's like we can never have our own identity, even when we speak. We tend to speak in the chinese dialect, no matter in English or Malay, when we speak to a chinese. Worse, when we speak to an indonesian, we tend to speak like an indonesian. And people like me sometime do speak english like an American or Brit, but i did it with purpose. I would normally speak english like a Malaysian. You see japanese people speak english like they were still speaking in Japanese. I wonder if, Malaysian can speak japanese english to a japanese. Things like japeo (japan) and charrenj-uh (challenge) are common english-japanese pronunciation. See? They have identity.

Why is it so hard to be ourselves? We've been copycatting for a very long time, even some of Malay words were borrowed from the portuguese but we're not the best in copycat.

But, I like the perspective or mentality that a Malay Lady likes chinese male, and the fact that Alan's Mom likes malay males. Indian involvement is very minimal. The reality nowadays is that a lot of Malay girls attracted to Indian guys. Go to Bangsar. You'll see it there. Go to the clubs.

It's like when an American-African gets it going with a white lady. That's how I see it. But most of chinese ladies actually like their own race males. Indian ladies, due to the religious thingy, they sticked to indian guys.

But the most real thing is, our local ladies cannot resist expatriates. How true, go to clubs la guys. Such relationship is said to be upgrading their social status, as they would never actually realize that, they were just toys to somehow a married caucasian.

But nationally, they were not talking about this. It was just the Gubra. I'm the one who was getting carried away. Hehe..

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